Since Magic grew up in the 1990's and many of us likely did too, I thought this might be relevant.

Truly sad, one of the icons of my youth is no more.

So bummed today. Worst music news I got since Layne Staley passed away. Cornell was my absolute favorite musician of all time. I've enjoyed every project he's been a part of and all his solo work.

Devastated by this news. Soundgarden and Audioslave were a big part of my early music education, and he was still so young.

This is so sad...grew up listening to his's so wrong 😞

This has been an awful day. I feel terrible. Surreal.

Confimed suicide by hanging. My opinion is that maybe he wanted to immortalize his music like Kurt? Another factor is that Soundgarden had recently reunited and so maybe he was hoping that it would fill a void within himself and upon realizing that it just wasn't the same, decided to end it. It's also worth noting that they broke up originally for a reason. Maybe that reason resurfaced?

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@desolutionist I have no idea. But it is a particularly sensitive issue for me. Nothing in the world can make you happy, it has to come from within. This is a good lesson for those that would wonder how a rich person could do such a thing.

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