I'd like to make a R/G Hate Bear deck. I don't want to do this because I think its the best deck, or the best hate bear deck. I Just like R/G Hate Bears.

The main draw to R/G is Simian and Elvish Spirit Guide(s). This gives to 8 on colour accelerators. With ancient tomb you have 12 ways to cast null rod on turn one before looking at solomoxen.

The main red bears are;

Magus of the Moon
Harsh Mentor
Sin Prodder
Tin Street Hooligan

The main green bears are;

Ambush Viper
ThornWeild Archers

There is also
Phyrexian Revoker

These should Probably be auto includes,
Null rod x 4
Chalice of the Void

Some cards worth considering are;

Artifact Mutation
Deathrite Shaman
Lightning Bolt (and/or)Dismember
Smuggler's Copter
Blood Moon
Mental Misstep
Cavern of souls

Any insight into cards I've missed would be great!

I'd like to use 4 Wasteland and 4 Ancient tomb. With Strip mine I have 9 off colour lands. If I have 8 guides and a 12 land fetch mana base I'll have 29 slots devoted to mana. That seems high, especially when everything has a casting cost of 2-3.

Does anyone have suggestions Insofar as which bears would have the greatest impact? Any thoughts on the best way to deal with the mana bloat? Anything I'm not thinking of that would be really great?

Thanks in advance,


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@John-Cox Cavern of Souls is another colorless land you need. It's nice in that it can be whatever mana you want in a pinch, but you need to force through Magus of the Moon and such through FoW. It can name goblins or human and cover almost all of your creatures. I'd say 4x tomb, 2x waste, 1 strip, 8 SSG/ESG (I assume you're on budget, otherwise mox emerald and ruby are just superior most of the time), 4x cavern of souls, 4x foothills, 2 taiga, 2 forest, 2 mountain. That's 27 mana, but 8 of them are 1-shots. I'd say 2 waste because you don't want to sac your mana to kill mana, and you already have Moons.

Dont forget Scab-Clan Berserker if you add caverns.

Ancient Grudge, Tarmogoyf, Rancor (yes rancor), and Earthquake or an effect as such are cards I would consider.

How about Eidolon of the Great Revel

@Ten-Ten I actually have Scab-Clan Berserker sleeved up, don't know how I forgot that.
@Chase_Dagger Good call, the only downside I see is how symmetrical it is, but I think its worth it.
@Serracollector I'll give those a whirl.

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Any Idea whats better, Torch Fiend or Tin Street Hooligan? I sorta like Torch Fiend more right now.

@John-Cox been an RG Beatz player for a long time now and i suggest Torch Fiend because the problem with TSH is that it's more of "reactive" card; you may also have the problem of holding on to them unlike Torch Fiend/Reckless Revler that you can beat with first and then when a problem artifact comes along you just simply sac these fellows

4 x Pyrostatic Pillar in the board, maybe main if you expect mostly Misstep or Storm decks.

Artifact mutation is an interesting choice. Ancient grudge is probably a strictly better card

@gkraigher Ancient Grudge is probably better... for certain it is not strictly better. Artifact Mutation is an interesting card. (Imagine picking off a Precurser Golem.)

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Seems like Eidolon of the Great Revel is a card you should look at. Pyrostatic Pillar that also swings every turn is a good way to try to get ahead.

I'll preface by saying that I don't think this deck is going to be great, but anyways...

Look into Choke if you're playing green. At the very least it's a better card than it was before when Gush was unrestricted. Probably out of the board since it's bad against non-Island decks and questionable against Outcome decks.

With 8 Spirit Guides, By Force might be maindeckable. Destroying the 3+ mana rocks someone drops on turn 1 can obv be devestating.

I liked the idea of using artifact mutation on something like a LSG or tanglewire. By Force is way less swingy and I'll make the swap.
Thanks for the feedback, and the deck is almost all red now 😲!

@mediumsteve said in R/G Hatebears:

I'll preface by saying that I don't think this deck is going to be great, but anyways...

100% on that. I just want something fun and cheap. If I wanted good I'd play a different deck.

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