[May 20th 2017] - [Brockton MA] - [Vintage - Vintage for a Library! @Scholars Games]

Come join Scholars Games for its first ever Vintage Event on May 20th. First place is guaranteed to walk away with a Library of Alexandria!

Location: 244 Liberty St Brockton MA

Event Fee: $50

Time: Registration opens at 10am with the players meeting promptly starting at 11am!

Pre-Registration: https://www.paypal.me/ScholarsGames/50

Prize Structure: Scales based on attendance! We have a pile of Dual Lands, Vintage Staples, or anything else you could possibly need to spend your credit on!

Guaranteed Library to 1st place!

At 12 Players
1st Library of Alexandria
2nd $150 in Credit

At 16 Players
1st Library of Alexandria (or equivalent credit)
2nd $200 in Credit
3/4 $75 in Credit

At 20 Players
1st Library of Alexandria
2nd $250 in Credit
3/4 $150 in Credit

Proxy Rules! This event will be unsanctioned as it will allow each player 10 playtest cards.

Guidelines: Each playtest card must be easily recognizable as the card in question. Each playtest card must not be noticeably thicker than other cards in your deck. The recommended way to make a great vintage proxy is to use a black Sharpee on revised basics as they have very faded frames (plains are ideal) or using a card with the same mana cost and Sharpeeing over the relevant text box. Players who have the actual cards should not be at a disadvantage because they cannot recognize the cards you are playing! Please message the page with any questions about proxy legality or for advice on how to make your proxies great, we are happy to help!

This event will be run at competitive REL and decklists will be provided. If you have any other questions please message the page, we will also have a couple of friendly, professional Judges available to help you throughout the event.

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@ELD Recommend changing the thread title to match the actual day of the event as it's certainly confusing.

This event is tomorrow for those in the New England area. The title of the post is incorrect.

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