Mystic Remora + Braid of Fire?

Has anyone ever built a deck taking advantage of the synergy between Mystic Remora and Braid of Fire (plus perhaps Thran Turbine)? It seems like a nice soft lock with interesting long game/big mana implications (even moreso in multiples).

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@Teazia The answer is almost certainly, yes, and that it wasn't very good at all. I expect that many of the most active posters on this site will ignore this thread, which is understandable, since very experienced players will see right away that this combo isn't Vintage "playable".

That isn't to say at all, that you shouldn't play it. If you want to try it out, go for it. I would even be happy to help you optimize it. But keep in mind that it is never going to make a deck that is winning a high % of games in a Vintage environment.

The reason I'm responding to this thread, is that I'm assuming that you are a new or newish player. Forgive me if I am wrong on that. And know that I don't consider that to be a bad thing at all. I'm not trying to talk down to you. In fact, to me, that is the theme of this thread if you ask me; how does the Vintage community, or at least the slice of it that visits this site, support new players.

So the reason this won't work, is that it's just not efficient enough to compete with other things going on in Vintage. Is it a synergy? Yes. It costs you 2 cards and 3 mana of two different colors, which means that it's pretty to lay down on turn 1, but maybe sometimes on turn 2... 14% of the time you'll get them both in your opening hand. And then the effect it gives you is that (basically) whenever your opponent cast a non-creature spell you get a card. Which is a powerful effect no doubt, but less powerful than many other effects you will encounter in Vintage. For example, Oath/Orchard is a combo that costs 2 mana (or a net of 1 depending on how you want to argue it) and produces a much more dangerous effect. The Braids/Remora combo also will do nothing to Dredge, or Ravager Shops, or Eldrazi. So that leaves Mentor decks, which as we know are deadly efficient, and will probably counter or disenchant some part of this and beat it anyway. So that's why it won't work.

But more importantly, if you want help on decks, want to quote the hyper-geometric calculator , or think I'm taking this all too seriously and want to tell me to screw off (but... you know... cleverly so that Brassy doesn't yell at us), you have come to the right place my friend. Let's talk cards. And if you aren't new, let's talk cards anyway so that actual new players can hear see it.

Thanks for the comment TI, love the write ups on the big fish!

@Teazia I have and it's not worth it. A deck running Mystic remora should probably be running no less than four M.Remora which should be enough to get you to your end game just fine, without adding jank.
That being said, I have also tried Braid of fire alongside Energy storm. It's fun and definitely worth looking into as well for a Red, White and blue control deck.

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