Ulted liliana of the veil targeting myself to make a massive Knight of the Reliquary and beat my opponent to death.

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@Prospero Visna stories are amazing. I remember being blown out by his Nivmagus Elemental deck once.

MKM Tournament in Prague, Czech Republic: Playing mono-U Belcher versus... UG Belcher (the one with the leylines, land grant and the timetwister that end the turn).
Game 3, I am able to go off first, deal 16 damage to my opp before finding the Academy...end turn, opp goes off, dealing me 18 damages before revealing his academy 🙂 won next turn

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I won a Vintage daily match tonight with Island Sanctuary and no other permanents in play! I was playing a White midrange deck, and went 3-1. The idea of the Sanctuary was to land it vs. Shops (4 copies, 3 Enlightened Tutors). Of course, Ballista is still an out, but I had 4 Revoker, 2 Stony Silence, 2 Linvala to essentially make this a 2-card combo. In the game I won, I rather cheekily brought it in against Eldrazi since I didn't think his Fragmentizes were coming in. He could still Thought-Knot Seer + Displacer me into oblivion, but to get to the point where I needed to activate the Sanctuary he had already played Priest + Displacer combo (unfortunately I didn't draw the above anti-ability cards in time). So, maybe he forgot he could StP his Priest, or maybe he didn't have it, or maybe he didn't know the Displacer-TKS decking solution or maybe he would have timed out, but it was still awesome facing down -20 creatures, -20 lands and winning. 🙂

Turn 1: Land, Deathrite Shaman
Turn 2: Fetch, Ashiok.

Ashiok +2, exiling all three of my opponent's win conditions.

I still think this card is dramatically underplayed in all formats but that might be bias from the time it got me a turn two kill.

@joshuabrooks It's situationally better, but not always strictly. If you are playing madcap experiment/platinum emperion, you can tap city for painless mana...you can't tap mana confluence at all. 🙂

I got paired down once and my opponent playing for no incentive scooped to me. It put me in the top 8. It was bittersweet because I got the win but I knew that doing this would knock other people out of contention.

I was playing a dumb big mana Shop deck at the first NYSE against an opponent playing a random blue deck. I resolve a second turn Karn, Liberated and eventually end up able to activate the ultimate. My opponent, annoyed, doesn't scoop, so I have to call a judge to explain how the ability of my own damn card works. Poor guy then gets trucked by a 'hasty' Myr Battlesphere on turn 1 and finally concedes.

@Topical_Island I've decked people over a Dozen times with Ancestral Recall lol

Playing against Dredge, on turn two or three, my opponent flipped his entire library into his graveyard and reanimated a Laboratory Maniac. I had just my turn to win the game.

So I bounced LabMan, Cabal Therapy'd it away, and exiled his yard with Tormod's Crypt, leaving him with 60 cards in exile. At this point, I couldn't decide between passing so that he would die in his draw step or finishing him off with Griselbrand as my deck was intended to do. He conceded before I had the opportunity to decide.

Very long time ago, when those cards were definitively played, i played against some kind of burn deck that tried to win with channel fireball combo. I was on a land destruction deck and in one game he had to fight a lot (really a lot) to finally have enough mana and play his combo. He was very happy and went down to 2 life ... and he met the lightning bolt i was holding especially for that case. The real victory was to see his desesperate face then ...

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A few years ago I was testing Merfolk vs Dredge matchup. I had the game stalled enough with Tormods Crypt and Cage to where I had 2 TNN on board attacking for lethal. All my graveyard hate was used or burned through because my cage was Natures claimed. I had to pass the turn with lethal on board. My opponent had no ichorids coming back from the dead. He only had a Thug to dredge with. No Bazaar, no cards in hand. No bridges in the yard. For his draw step he had to dredge 4 - bridge, bridge, narcomeoba, bridge. He flashbacked therapy using Nacro, got 3 zombie tokens, flashbacked dread return for Elesh Norn. Never underestimate what dredge can do!!!


Greatest victory ever.

When Brian Oathed up Emrakul, I stole his Griselbrand, drew 14 cards, played enough permanents to survive the annihilator 6, block his Emrakul with his Griselbrand, and still finish him off with Grindstone. I was very drunk, but it was glorious. 2 Card Monte for life.

Sweetness update.

Just killed my wife by Draining a Treasure Cruise in main phase 1, so that we could hard-cast Emrakul in main phase 2, then flying over about a thousand Mentor tokens to attack, with her life total sitting at 15 and finish her exacta.

Then I did zero dishes.

I did the Lich Mirror Universe thing way back when, as I'm sure others did here, but my favorite tournament first-turn kill was dropping four Black Vises and casting Ancestral on my opponent. That was obviously the perfect draw, and it had never before occurred to me that I should ever use Ancestral on an opponent before I drew it and actually examined my hand. (This was all clearly well before Force of Will and the subsequent restrictions/errata).

@Topical_Island said in Favorite Abnormal Victories:

Sweetness update.
Just killed my wife

^ That's about as far as I got with this statement.
That's also about as far as I need to go, as the above statement I'm sure is far more hilarious than anything you wrote after.

@MSolymossy I wish I could say it was accidental man... in fact, we kill each other pretty much every day. But seriously folks, she could very easily poison my food.

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Yeah, it really has to be THE PERFECT DRAW for that, and again I had to do like a triple-take when I drew that hand. Of course, this was like late 1993 or really early 1994 before real sanctioned tournament play, so we were all still trying to figure out the game. That was my first experience with a first-turn kill as I "recall" (had plenty more after The Dark came out with the classic Ball Lightning, Blood Lust, Berserk combo). I still think my very favorite, however, was establishing infinite turns before my opponent ever had a turn back in late 1994. This was actually a sanctioned tournament in Dallas, and of course Time Vault was banned at the time. It was another "god draw" that let me cast and recur Time Walk and Timetwister with a Fastbond on the board. Even Regrowth and Fork were restricted at the time so I basically kept lucking out until I bolted the guy to death. What really pissed him off was just how obviously inebriated I was at the time. I just kept getting transfixed by the artwork on my cards. Hey, man. I was 14 and in college. Not like I could get a date. You'd be on acid, too. 😉

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