I'm in the market for a foil Grim Monolith, but it seems like someone bought them out here in the US and is keeping them bought out on eBay and the like. Magiccardmarket.eu and other Europe-specific venues seem to still have them and at reasonable prices. Has anyone found a good way to move cards between continents other than eBay?

@AmbivalentDuck There are 5 on tcgplayer at the moment. Pretty pricey.

@Topical_Island Yeah, I saw that. The effects of the buyout will probably slowly wear off. Since it's a reserve list foil that gets played, it'll probably take some time to get to equilibrium, though.

There's a couple people out there doing proxy MKM buying for a fee. If you have some friends in Europe, you might get one of them to do it.


  • This requires a fair amount of trust
  • Either they have to open and inspect the cards, which is work for them, or you're basically not going to be able to dispute transactions
  • It's going to take much longer to get your cards
  • You're going to pay to insure shipping twice

If you are looking for bling (and not sanctioned playable), I have a couple gold border ones that are available.

Edit: Plenty on Flebay.

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