5/7/17 Houston, Texas - 100% PROXY Vintage at Brash Brewing Co


Date: May 7th, 2017
Location: Brash Brewing Company 508 W Crosstimbers Rd, Houston, TX 77018 [MAP]
Registration Time: 12:30 PM
Event Begins: 1:00 PM
Entry Fee: $10 - EXACT CHANGE ONLY
Payout: TBD, see below.
Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy rules: Don't make us need to make a proxy rule!

About Brash Brewing

Getting there: [MAP] Google Maps places 508 a bit off. If you're heading West on Crosstimbers, be in the right lane. Immediately after some apartments, you'll see a small driveway with a tall wooden fence and then some more apartments. That driveway is where you want to be! [pic]

Beers: Be warned - Brash exclusively makes strong beers. If you're going to have more than a couple, you should definitely have a DD or use Uber!

Most of the tables at Brash are picnic style tables so a playmat would definitely be a good idea.


Cash: We payout ~90% of entry fee in cash top top 4. The remainder is kept to pay for the prize wall, playmat, and tournament expenses..

Here's what the "prize wall" looked like a couple weeks ago because I haven't updated the picture for this week.

Brash has offered a free crowler of beer to our first place winner.

At least one player outside of the top 4 will win a door prize at the end of the event, so be sure to stick around and play out all your matches!

We have a Stanley-Cup-esque playmat. Each tournament, the playmat is be inscribed with the date, location, and winner of the tournament, along with some space for the player to add a doodle. This playmat will be passed each week to the new champion to play with at the next tournament! It currently looks a little something like this:

If anyone is planning on coming from out of town, please contact one of the Houston crew if you'd like us to arrange something post-Magic. After most big Legacy events, we generally go out as a group to avail ourselves of the city's excellent food and drink options, and we'd love to show them off to you, too!

If you or someone you know needs a deck and is too lazy to use a printer or doesn't know what they want, we have a few available to borrow. You're welcome to take them home. We only ask that you buy us a new pack of sleeves so we can replace the deck.

Decklists are required. We do not perform deck checks but we want lists so we can post them. Have bad handwriting? Use the decklist generator here! Please don't put anything on your decklist that you don't want to be seen publicly as your decklist may be scanned and uploaded in full.

Almost forgot to mention:

Saturday, our LGS is throwing a big event to support an old Legacy regular who is fighting Lukemia. There's a big Legacy tournament as well as some other things that are worth checking out.


I believe a couple of us will make the trip. Just waiting to hear back from the potential driver, since my wife need's our van. Might be three of us, but probably just two.

Looks like we have three of us making the trip. See you guys Sunday afternoon.

@H. said in 5/7/17 Houston, Texas - 100% PROXY Vintage at Brash Brewing Co:

Looks like we have three of us making the trip. See you guys Sunday afternoon.

@thecravenone make it 4 now, that aught to be all of us though.

@thecravenone we just got here, hopefully you guys won't ditch us, haha.

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