Vintage 101: With Great Power...

Vintage 101: With Great Power ...

Islandswamp goes over the winners from the Power Nine Challenge, a Workshop Combo deck, and finally a successful budget Vintage brew!

@Islandswamp Nice article. Maybe i should play the Forest Main instead of LoA. The first Versions of this Deck had more green spells including Fastbond ( +4th Gush) and Sylvan Library.

@deibler I think your deck looks really cool.
I'm just a stickler for having a non-wasteable source for your nature's claims. I don't think you need it main as it creates tension with Gush, but being able to side it in is huge.
You'll need another misty rainforest and perhaps one more green fetch after that, but I think mostly that your deck is really sweet. Congrats on your finish!

@deibler I was playing a combo version of gush similar to Smennen's list from champs last year, only I had JVP instead of Dack Fayden. Man JVp is so good in a Gushbond deck! I would want one or two more to be honest.
Even in fair games he shines, doubling up on your removal.
I might play just one mentor in your list too to diversify your threats. This would make you less susceptible to spot removal.

@Islandswamp Thanks for the input. Looking forward i think adding 1-2 Mentors is the way to go. Not only diversifying threats but also just adding them is important. As i'm often controlling the opponent but have no threats to end the game.

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