1st Vintage Tournament Results Post Gush/Gitaxian Probe Ban

MKM Series 2017 Frankfurt was streamed today on Twitch. Results posted w/ Meta Breakdown on the MagicCardMarket.eu. I'm currently doing the Data Entry to input this important Data to GoldFish. Winner: Hot Wheels Shops featuring Inspector. Other Top 8 Archtypes: 2 Oath (1 Punishing, 1 Dragon Breath), Mentor "Pile", 2 Displacer Taxes, 1 Tezzeret (Vault Key Combo), 1 Team Leovold.

Thanks for putting the effort into the breakdown

Great work, thanks for collating! Are the videos saved on Twitch for us to watch? If so, a link would be brilliant - will be interesting to see what has changed and what remains the same in this new meta 🙂

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