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@prn Unfortunately, reminder text is often not exactly correct in some cases, or can present a sort of simplified version that can sometimes be confusing (looking at you Soulbond). The language of remind text is unfortunately often neither as succinct as the Rules, nor as definite.

Relying on the comprehensive rules in all cases is always the best bet.

I'm curious about Hollow One's cost reduction now.

@John-Cox In regards to what? How it would work with Trinisphere?

@H. said in As Foretold rules clarification:

@John-Cox In regards to what? How it would work with Trinisphere?

You would have to pay at least 3.

@Khahan right, I was just trying to understand what he was getting at.

@H. just wondering if it would function like delve spells around Sphere of Resistance/Trinisphere.

@John-Cox It depends on which Sphere. For Sphere of Resistance, both both the Sphere and Hollow One's effect apply in the phase of casting a spell where you figure out and pay alternate/additional costs (Rule 601.2b and Rule 601.2f). So for example, if you discarded/cycled one card and there's one Sphere, it would cost 4. If you discarded three cards and there are three Spheres it would cost 2, and so on.

Trinisphere is a little different. It checks after additional/alternate costs and always makes sure you're paying 3 (Rule 601.2f again). So no matter how many cards you've discarded/cycled, Hollow One always costs 3 in the face of a Trinisphere. Hope that helps!

Source - Being a L2 Judge

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Thanks, thats exactly what I was trying to figure out.

@John-Cox No problem! Always happy to help

@DBatterskull said in As Foretold rules clarification:

If you discarded six cards and there are three Spheres it would cost 3, and so on.
Source - Being a L2 Judge

Is it really how that works? I mean, I always thought that in order to determine the cost of a card you'd first count cost increases then cost reduction. So Hollow One would cost 5 + 3 (three spheres) = 8. Then if you discarded 6 cards it would reduce its cost in 12, making it cost zero. Is it not like that?

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@fsecco well, I am not a judge, but I think you are correct, because 601.2b does not seem to apply to Hallow One, as far as I can tell.

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@fsecco Yes, you're right. I made a typo (meant to say reduced by six, but somehow I typed six cards). Whoops. Edited for clarity. Thank you for pointing that out!

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