Any interest in Old School in the Cincinnati area?

Are there any Old Schoolers around the Cincinnati area interested in meeting up to play? I currently play with one friend using slightly modified European and EC rules (which are easily negotiable). Please either respond to this thread or PM me and we'll try and get something started.

Hey, I'm not in Cincy. But I organize the Team Serious vintage events in Ohio. We try to rotate events between Cleveland, Sandusky, and Columbus (although we have been a bit lax about doing Columbus events lately). There's always old school before/after/in between rounds at these events. I realize that Sandusky and Cleveland are a long ways away from you, but hopefully a Columbus event wouldn't be too bad.

I have been to Columbus for Team Serious events. However, we were trying to keep things local since we're both in law school and time is at a premium for us. More for me, really, since I have a day job and family stuff going on. There will be more flexibility in a few years once we graduate.

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