Aside from the big stores like starcity, abugames and channelfireball, any other sites where you buy your cards? Needless to say specifically for the older cards for vintage, legacy or old school staples.

@jester dacardworld, too notch guys

I enjoy supporting CardTitan as they do Eternal Weekend. It's a vendor marketplace that you can use to get the cheapest price possible. Even the big names like Card Titan and ChannelFireball use it. The Mass Entry tool is amazing for figuring out exactly how much a deck costs right this moment instead of Scryfall or MTGGoldfish data, since they don't account for non NM or easily incorporate specific versions.

I have bought all of my cards from TCGPlayer, except for some I got from @Calvin240sx (who shipped faster and had better prices for what I needed by the way).

thanks for the suggestions. I'll go and make my price comparisons and check out which has the best shipping option.

@jester I use Card Kingdom, TCG Player, eBay and social media. Once you hang around vintage/oldschool community on Facebook and Twitter for a while, you see there are lots of friendly reputable people who buy and sell directly with each other via hashtags like #mtgbuysell and #mtgfinance. I've never had any fellow player from twitter screw me over, whereas on eBay sometimes you have to deal with fraudsters on high-end stuff.

In terms of cost, social media is definitely the best choice. There's FaceBook groups as well as a handful of common sellers on Twitter that will sell at below TCGPlayer if you don't mind taking the risk on a rando shipping your cards.

I have done very well with eBay. With patience, you can really get some phenomenal deals. I completed my set of Power, Shops, and Bazaars over the last two years through eBay, and all at prices far, far lower than would have been possible on typical venues like tcgplayer.

eBay does have a reputation as a dangerous place to buy cards, but this is completely unwarranted. As a buyer, you are extremely well protected. If a problem ever arises, you can appeal to eBay, and you will not lose provided that you file the appropriate claim. Buying with a credit card, you have an additional layer of protection via chargeback as a last resort. However, I have never had an issue having eBay arbitrate in my favor during a dispute.

If you are in the EU the place to go without any doubt is .

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People trash starcity prices but i have had great experiences with their weekly sales.

Made my purchase to finish my 2 old school decks (The Deck and UR TempoBurn) and bought from abugames. They had the best prices and stock for the cards I needed with free shipping to Manila.

Also, I'm adding TrollandToad to the list. I'm considering my next purchase from them.

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Also, I'm adding TrollandToad to the list. I'm considering my next purchase from them.

Troll and Toad has been gotten a lot of flak for cancelling orders on people. Going further back in the post history, you'll see this is not a new development. I avoid them.

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