shadow of the grave

I'm really curious to know what the community thinks of this card. I'm fairly new to Vintage so I don't have a great way to start this thread. I can see this working with Memory Jar, Wheel of Fortune, Dack Fayden, Bazaar of Baghdad, LED, JVP, etc., but I'm not sure if it actually fits into any decks, or allows anything degenerate enough to be Vintage Playable.

Update - I had no idea that this preview came from the "So many insane plays" podcast until after I made this post. Sorry about that:

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This alongside the new Bicycle lands (yes, dual lands with Cycling are now called Bicycle lands), in a Gush deck seems interesting......

Yes, the SMIP duo spoke of it's possible favourable interactions with Lion's Eye Diamond, Mox Diamond, and even Thirst for Knowledge..

Breakthrough? Tolarian Winds?

@desolutionist it's a shame that the sequencing needed for tolarian winds leaves you so vulnerable to a flusterstorm blowout, cool 2 card combo that will 1000% make any grixis EDH list

Didnt even see the discarded part. Ha. Silly. Bazaar of Baghdad? Wheel of Fortune? Memory Jar? Firestorm? Survival of the Fittest.....oooh pretty.

Maybe the best use would be with Mind Over Matter or Dream Halls (although probably not good even then)

Maybe some sort of synergy with Chains of Mephistopheles?

It is an instant, so you could cast it in a Anvil/Chains lock. Interesting.

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This could be fun with some of the really bad draw sevens.

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