9 April 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [13 players]

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It's been warm this week in Houston. Fortunately, we got a slight reprieve for the weekend. The National Weather Service reported temperatures in the lower seventies as I hopped in my car, turned up some Girl Talk and headed to the home of the best beer in Houston.

We were one short of tying our record with thirteen players today. That included two players who had never played with us before. We continued to maintain our record of always having a new player win at least one match. For the third tournament in a row, a new player has taken second place!

Top 4 has been submitted to TCDecks here.

All 13 decklists, as scans here

Placing / Name / Deck

  1. Patrick B - Ballista Shops
  2. Arjune B - Dark Petition Storm
  3. Stephen B - UW Mentor
  4. Will M - Pitch Dredge
  5. Sam C - Paradoxical Oath
  6. Mark B - Leovold BUG
  7. Ben K - Ballista Shops
  8. Nick P - Combo Shops
  9. Elijah H - Leovold BUG
  10. Joann G - Paradoxical Mentor
  11. Joe K - Paradoxical Mentor
  12. Tim E - White Trash
  13. Adam D - Dark Petition Storm

Next all-proxy Vintage tournament is in two weeks, Sunday 23 April at 1:00 PM. Location is TBD but will likely be Brash as long as the weather stays nice.


Sam begun this tournament by doing exclusively fair things like casting Tendrils with storm at 26 on turn 1.

This fariness continued in game two of round one, when this was placed onto the stack.

Rufus is the oldest person here.

Naturally, the two new players had to be paired against each other at least once. Stephen looks to be thoroughly in control here.

Patrick is having none of my shenanigans.

Darlin heard a rumor that you might be wanting to donate your pizza crusts to the "I wanna be fat" campaign.

Again, I'm playing fair magic.

Darlin appears to be satiated. For now.

Meanwhile, Rufus just likes a nice nap.

"Oh, you're doing the dredge thing?"

Hey Patrick, why are you here?

This is Will's new Tinder profile picture.

When you Vintage too hard

Patrick finally pries the playmat away from Ben. But not before ben could get Mark Tedin to spice it up! Oh, also, free crowler of Pussy Wagon to first. GET ON BOARD.

Great time per usual, anyone even thinking of coming out should defienitely do so

If you enjoy magic, beer and having a good time, you'll fit right in.

Looks great, I am really hoping to make it to the May one (or the Power event), any word on possible dates? My weekends are filling up quick with birthdays and other things.

So wait, we get beer, a video arcade, dogs and vintage all in 1 location at the same time?

I think its time to move to Houston!

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I like everything about this report, except that you were listening to Girl Talk.

@Stuart your lack of appreciation is...unfortunate.

You're going to a metal brewery

You clearly roll down the windows and crank up some SLAYER

@McDonalds said in 9 April 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [13 players]:

You're going to a metal brewery

You clearly roll down the windows and crank up some SLAYER

Their jukebox lacks Iron Maiden, so I'll listen to that next time around.

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