[AKH] Dissenter's Deliverance

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Gush's typical problem with maindecking artifact hate is the mirror, which is incredibly card-conscious and where you can't afford dead draws. This is close to replacement-level artifact removal, but the cycling is attractive when it comes to maindecking this in 4c Mentor. It also seems great in non-Gush Leovold decks that aren't playing Ancient Grudge anyway.

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Very cool card. Agree with everything wappla just said.

I don't currently like any green decks, but if I did, I would be very interested in this.

Could be good in sylvan mentor. I like it.

Nice card indeed! I'm actually surprised that this hasn't been printed before now that I think of it. It seems like a very obvious card in some way.

As someone who has around a dozen 3-1s or better in MTGO dailies with Paradoxical Outcome decks (never Storm versions) on various accounts, I would seriously consider replacing this in my rainbow lands version over my currently singleton slot over Wear/Tear (or maybe Nature's Claim). The flexibility of cycling seems better than being able to hit enchantments out of the maindeck. That said, I don't think this is ever powerful enough as a sideboard card.

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