[AKH] Throne of the God-Pharaoh

Not saying it's game breaking just a thought, when that deck goes off you have a million tapped dudes anyway. There are probably much better wincing that win the game now ya know

It doesn't combo well with zenith, company, glimpse, or cradle.

@benjamin_berry Combos well with Chord of calling, though.

@benjamin_berry why doesn't it combo well with those? (Also what do you think of Glimpse with it?)

Elves pffft. Azami and wizards and counterspells. go for the slow grind.

@Topical_Island It's type line doesn't include creature.

@benjamin_berry this is like saying Glimpse is bad in the deck because GSZ can't get it.

@benjamin_berry What do you think of Glimpse?... your answer is that it's not a creature? Can you walk me through the non-bo's you mentioned earlier like I'm a small child, using visual aids with pictures and arrows?

I don't think its better than the others so you don't cut any of the engine cards for it. That means you're cutting a creature for it. But you can't tutor/company for it and it's a dead draw during a glimpse. Its strictly worse than shaman unless your thinking of a different elves shell. The kill through bridge is rec sage.

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