[AKH] Throne of the God-Pharaoh

@gkraigher It could be good in Tiny Robots as a quick kill though.

This card feels far too narrow and win-more to me. Already have enough creatures in play that this deals substantial damage each turn? Then you are already winning and are probably better off playing a lock piece. Few creatures in play? Then this card does nothing and you'd much rather spend two mana on a Ravager, etc.

I think the most exciting applications are as a combo piece in some kind of token or elves deck; that still sounds very fringe, though. If only it read, "whenever one of your creatures becomes tapped, opponents lose one life..."

This obviously has got Vintage Elf Prison Deck written all over it.

This looks like a win condition for elves, go nuts with glimpse birchlore/heritage druid and then pass the turn and win?

@SquirtMcGirt I just don't know how it isn't better than Shaman of the Pack for an elf deck, outside of the color problem which I doubt is very hard

Not saying it's game breaking just a thought, when that deck goes off you have a million tapped dudes anyway. There are probably much better wincing that win the game now ya know

It doesn't combo well with zenith, company, glimpse, or cradle.

@benjamin_berry Combos well with Chord of calling, though.

@benjamin_berry why doesn't it combo well with those? (Also what do you think of Glimpse with it?)

Elves pffft. Azami and wizards and counterspells. go for the slow grind.

@Topical_Island It's type line doesn't include creature.

@benjamin_berry this is like saying Glimpse is bad in the deck because GSZ can't get it.

@benjamin_berry What do you think of Glimpse?... your answer is that it's not a creature? Can you walk me through the non-bo's you mentioned earlier like I'm a small child, using visual aids with pictures and arrows?

I don't think its better than the others so you don't cut any of the engine cards for it. That means you're cutting a creature for it. But you can't tutor/company for it and it's a dead draw during a glimpse. Its strictly worse than shaman unless your thinking of a different elves shell. The kill through bridge is rec sage.

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