[AKH] Throne of the God-Pharaoh


This has to have applications somewhere. MUD with Thopter tokens galore? Swing with ten mentor tokens, and win EOT? Manadorks.dec, tap for a lot of mana, AND your opp loses a life for each one? With this just casting and tapping enough elves wins the game EOT. I know this has to have merit somewhere, whether new or old.

And can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, cuz I cannot get the pictures to ever work on this site 😞

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The card

this doesn't seem super different from "your creatures gain +1/+0", which ... idk ... this doesn't excite me


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![Throne of the God Pharoah](http://mythicspoiler.com/akh/cards/throneofthegodpharaoh.jpg)
will give you what you want.
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This is much much more than creatures get +1 attack. You can tap jaces, wizards to azami, elves/mana dorks for mana, etc etc. Hell you get to do damage with your dudes under tanglewire or thalia 2.0! If you can tap dudes when they ETB, its like pseudo haste, all for only 2 generic mana! This seems to have a lot more potential than at first glance.

Well, it does nothing on its own (you need to have creatures) and if you have enough creatures for it to be relevant you are most probably already winning. That being said, there may be some interesting stuff to be done with it but i fail to see it now.

This works with the original Karn, right?

@rbartlet If you mean that it includes animated artifact creatures when it triggers, yes.

If a build of Terra Nova-style Stax running Null Rod and Ensnaring Bridge exists, you could add this and kill your opponents by having Mishra's Factory and Mutavault activate themselves.

I've been looking for a card like this to beat ensnaring bridge.

I'm glad it now exists.

Also, this isn't damage, this is loss of life. This is a well designed but narrow card, similar to Ankh of mishra or cursed totem. Not unplayable, not great, but a tool you can keep around in case you need it.

It's application to accelerate decks like elves in legacy is also interesting.

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@gkraigher said in [AKH] Throne of the God-Pharaoh:

I've been looking for a card like this to beat ensnaring bridge.

I'm glad it now exists.

It doesn't beat Ensnaring Bridge, unless your creatures are able to tap without attacking.

@fsecco. You can tap all manlands to animate themselves, dealing life to opp at eot.

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Steel overseer, hangarback walker, animated man lands, and if you have a vehicle.

It's narrow but it's still a thing. The card is also reasonable in its on right.

@gkraigher I did not even think of the synergies with hangarback and steel overseer. Metalworker and tanglewire as well. Too bad it is legendary.

Sure, there are possible interactions. But it doesn't outright beat Bridge. Specially with the Ravager/Ballista/Revoker builds we're seeing.
I missed the synergy with vehicles and it seems amazing. 🙂


The card defiantly still has its flaws, and no it doesn't directly beat bridge, but it works around it in narrow situations.

Before ballista and this card, it was almost impossible to deal with bridge, now there are lines.

As designed, the fact that it triggers on your turn and not on the end of your opponents is an interesting problem. Tapping out your team in a standoff is not appealing. On the positive, you may prevent your opponent from taking an additional turn.

I don't think this card is good enough for vintage, but I play MUD in legacy and modern where this card is more appealing. I plan on getting a Foil copy and keeping it in my collection for certain metas.

I don't think this card is must play or even a good card, I think it's niche and fringe but good in certain environments.

@gkraigher It could be good in Tiny Robots as a quick kill though.

This card feels far too narrow and win-more to me. Already have enough creatures in play that this deals substantial damage each turn? Then you are already winning and are probably better off playing a lock piece. Few creatures in play? Then this card does nothing and you'd much rather spend two mana on a Ravager, etc.

I think the most exciting applications are as a combo piece in some kind of token or elves deck; that still sounds very fringe, though. If only it read, "whenever one of your creatures becomes tapped, opponents lose one life..."

This obviously has got Vintage Elf Prison Deck written all over it.

This looks like a win condition for elves, go nuts with glimpse birchlore/heritage druid and then pass the turn and win?

@SquirtMcGirt I just don't know how it isn't better than Shaman of the Pack for an elf deck, outside of the color problem which I doubt is very hard

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