So, Amonkhet has delivered to us a new riff on an old mechanic:

alt text

This is an upgrade to an old card that no one even remembers existed except those who drafted Vintage Masters online:
alt text

And it seems like a slightly different version of a card that we considered potentially playable, but that never really took off:
alt text

Seems like Drake Haven has some things going for it. It works well with Dack Fayden, a card which sees play, and a bunch of other draw spells like Thirst for Knowledge, Frantic Search, Careful Study, Faithless Looting, and so on, which do not. It makes 2/2 fliers, which while not as explosive as Mentor monks can be, potentially trumps the monks if you're making them at the same rate because they cannot be blocked.

Ultimately, I'm thinking this still isn't going to unseat our White Monk-y Overlords because the Monk breeds when you're drawing cards, which is something you want to do anyway. Drakes arrive when you are discarding cards, which can happen, but typically only as a cost of doing something else special and not just as an incident to the deck chugging along. The final nail in the coffin is that, unlike Monk or Talrand, this thing doesn't do anything when you cast it. Not even attack for 2.

Interesting, though.

I can picture this in a u/w shell with Moat. But then again its just a different win-con to the normal u/w control shells we see.

But with the cycling/discard (ok, discard trigger) it could make a different set of draw cards like the ones you mentioned playable again. Definitely has potential but I don't think for a brand new archetype. I think it more alters existing archetypes - which isn't a bad thing if it takes a lower tier deck and bumps it up in ability. This is the kind of card I enjoy trying to build around.

Spirit Cairn worked on your opponents discards too. So it was actually a great counter to the Cycling decks back in Odyssey/Onslaught standard.

Squee bazaar engine is 3 flyers a turn for 3 mana. Not too shabby. Now we just need a card that says you get a mana everytime you discard a card and.....

This seems fun with Dack Fayden.

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