New possible Hatebear printings to deal with the format?

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Sister of Runes
W - Human Cleric

Pay 2 life: Target creature you control gains protection from the opponent of your choice until end of turn.

Ooo. Pretty spicy. I like it. Maybe if it was just 1 life that might be a bit more practical? Too powerful?

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Ok folks, after talking to Danny Batterman about my design he thinks it would be way to broken so I've adjusted things in my initial post to reflect a new critter. I gave it flash to make it able to "counter" a fetch if the opponent doesn't also have mana up.

Ok, next card idea:

Master of Orbs

1W - Human Wizard

Each noncreature spell that would cost less than 2 mana to cast costs 2 mana to cast.

As Long as Master of Orbs is untapped, players can't untap more than 2 permanents during their untap steps.


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Only 2 mana? Sounds quite playable, and won't affect other formats too much so it could be printable. Unfortunately it hits storm really hard (and at this moment storm is not a deck to punish imho).

Mad Mage - RR
Human Wizard
If a player would draw a card from a blue instant/sorcery, he/she discards a card instead.
Whenever a white creature enters the battlefield, Mad Mage does 2 damage to it and 2 to itself.

It attacks blue and white, as red did in the old times.

Priest of blood - 1RR
Goblin shaman
Sacrifice priest after you have been assigned damage: prevent all that damage and deal it to all other creatures and opponents instead

Say goodbye to alpha attacks (mentor, pyromancer, mud, eldrazi, dredge...)

We should not be asking for hatebears, we should be putting answers in colors like black and green. White is becoming much too strong as of late and we need to fix the color pie. We need cards that will encourage people to not just choose white because it has all the the answers.

Last I checked, there were two rather strong Anti-Gush hatebear decks. One just won Euro Champs and the other won EE6 a couple of weeks back. I think you are misunderstanding what the actual gripe is, Storm...

Master of Orbs devastates PO, Mentor, Belcher, Storm, Dredge, Grixis, and Landstill even. It would completely hands down wreck tge format. Way too strong. As for other colors? How about

Terra Shaman
Human Shaman
Split Second, Hexproof
When a player casts a non-creature spell, deal 1 damage to him or her and each creature he or she controls plus 1 damage for each spell played before. (bad on wording, but meant to be anti mentor/tokens, even with buffs etc.)

Card design is fun, but it isn't really about vintage. Moving to off-topic.


How is card design specifically for Vintage NOT about Vintage? Like seriously, wtf?

@Stormanimagus Well presumably because most user designed cards don't actually see the light of day. So it's not really going to affect Vintage in any way unless somehow one of the designs here ends up being made, which I find quite unlikely.

On topic, I'm not a fan of designing hatebears to address problems (both real and perceived) with a metagame. I don't find it very fun facing random human who I've never seen before on the battlefield whose text reads "you cannot do x", where x is something that people typically do in Vintage. I think we've had enough of those designs and they're not interesting in the slightest, in my opinion.

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In the same way that a thread about Contract from Below in an otherwise-vintage deck wouldn't really be about vintage strategy - it would be talking about a homebrew format with a similar, but different, list of legal cards.

As an ex-game designer I'm fascinated by what makes cards and metagames balanced, and I'll admit that learning card evaluations skills is useful, but it's not exactly vintage strategy.

Palinchron Spirit Guide
2U - Spirit

Remove Palinchron Spirit Guide in your hand from the game: Add U to your mana pool.

Ahem, that would be Cephalid Spirit Guide obviously.


absolutely NOT giving a blue a spirit guide! Have you no shame guys? HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!!???


Palinchron Spirit Guide
2U - Illusion Spirit

Hexproof, Flying

Remove ~this~ in your hand from the game: Add U to your mana pool. If this mana would be spent on an Instant or Sorcery, you may cast that card ignoring all cost modifiers and other casting restrictions imposed by other cards in play, and that spell gains uncountability.


@Stormanimagus - I have no shame.


I would ask you not to spam this thread with frivolous drivel. Thank you.

@Stormanimagus What? It's quite clear that there aren't sufficient answers to Eldrazi and Shops in the format, given the previous win at Euro champs. Did you see shops won off a mull to 4 on the back of a turn 1 Workshop, Trinisphere? That's pretty absurd...We need an answer.

@ChubbyRain c'mon can't anything be chalked up to luck anymore 🙂 ?

@ChubbyRain Cmon, if you're going to call it a Palincron, it has to untap 3 lands when it comes into play.

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@ChubbyRain Cmon, if you're going to call it a Palincron, it has to untap 3 lands when it comes into play.

I didn't chose the name 😞

Still, in keeping with the Simian and Elvish variants, it has to creature type X + Spirit.

Avian Spirit Guide - Bird Spirit
Mermaid Spirit Guide - Merfolk Spirit
Mr. Miyagi - Human Spirit

There are other options.

Cephalid Spirit Guide - Octopus Spirit obv

So instead of the no factor, or the singleton hate creature how about something more beneficial?

Guardian of Honor
First strike
All creature spells you control cost 1 less, and gain flash.
All creatures you control get +1/+0.

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