I played MTGO since almost it's inception. Last year, due to my divorce I was forced to sell my collection as we had to divide the proceeds. Now that this nightmare is over I want to start playing vintage again. Buying back into a vintage collection but wondering if anyone has an extra set of p9 that I could borrow until I can afford to get my own. If you happen to be sitting on one for investment purposes I'd be interested in using it. Super trust worthy player, was playing classic for a decade before this happened. Would even set up a deal to buy the set if someone could fund me, just to get me back into the daily queue.

I've got a set I don't use much, I think we can arrange something. I'd say PM me, but they're broken right now. You have another place I can contact you?

PM isnt working on the mana drain? Or online? Either way you can always drop me an email at roansteele@gmail.com.

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@NosferatuStuff PM is broken on TMD. I sent you an email.

Is MTGO power expensive? Literally uninformed because I exclusively play paper (and at first I thought this was what you were getting at and was going to see if you were interested in buying my extra Bazaar lol).

Relatively speaking, not at all. It's about $200-225 for the full power 9.

I agreed to lend a set of MTGO Power 9 to @NosferatuStuff with the agreement that it will be returned within a day if I request it be returned. Just posting for posterity and visibility.

Yep. I picked them up last night. Thank you sir for your assistance. Testing out my deck this morning, looking forward to getting back into the vintage grind. =D

@NosferatuStuff graciously returned the set of power last week. Would happily share MTGO cards with him again in the future.

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