Embalm could interact well with other filtering mechanics like Dack. After all, Dragon used to be a thing...

I'm not holding my breath but there could be some insane embalm creature for this purpose, seeing as how it conveniently avoids counters.

Given the way Design and Development have gone recently, there's one thing I'm sure of, and its that whatever the mythic Entomb card is, it will be very pushed. Is it going to be standard-pushed or eternal-pushed? Who knows. But if they go for a utility creature rather than a midrange value beater, we could have a sweet vintage card on our hands. Again, recent design trends tells us it will a midrange value beater, but they've made statements recently that suggest they have learned from recent mistakes and might swap things up. If we get something like a 1-2drop that exiles all graveyards when it ETBs (and when token ETBs), or has a tax effect, or stops non-drawstep draws, then we're in business, and that doesn't seem completely out of the realm of possibility to me.

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So Embalm gets around pretty much all non-exile dredge hate? I'm sure there will be at least a couple of fringe playable ones then.

I won't hold my breath for an actual good one though.

Does the Exert trigger remain on the stack through the next untap step if the creature is removed?

@p3temangus Does it matter if it does? So far, the Extert mechanic means that the creature does something relevant now, then the delayed trigger (if that is what it is) just stops that creature from untapping. If the creature is no longer around, one assumes it fizzles, yes?

@vaughnbros said in Amonkhet Mechanics:

So Embalm gets around pretty much all non-exile dredge hate? I'm sure there will be at least a couple of fringe playable ones then.

Sort of? Embalm can't be stopped by stuff like Tormod's Crypt once you have the mana ready, I don't think, because the ability is not countered by exiling the source. The only hate I can think of that truly shuts it down is Ylixid Jailer.

Would an exert creature that kills artifacts even be good enough? As an anti-shops card it could get through Thorn (and Thalia for White Eldrazi), but it would really need haste to be truly useful.

@MaximumCDawg That, and Leyline of the void since the creature won't be in the graveyard in the first place.

@MaximumCDawg If these use it before hand it works though. Leyline and Rest in Peace definitely stop it. Jailer stops it, but Jailer has his own problems (maybe darkblast can finally stop collecting dust!).

So they reprinted Force of Will and some other nice cards as Invocations (Masterpieces for Amonkeht) and they are ugly as HELL.

alt text

Are these available on MTGO? I cannot imagine trying to watch someone play with these unreadable chicken scratchings.

I also really want to see the design file here: what other designs were considered not good enough when they chose this thing?

Hate those cards. Straight out of hearthstone.

I'm disappointed we won't get an eyesore Flusterstorm this round to go along with all the other eyesore counterspells. These are a great alternative for those of us who like to run as many white-bordered cards as possible but don't want to alter cards to be white-bordered. People don't like losing to ugly decks.

@The-Gremlin-Lord These don't even have borders...

@bop Nah, I can read the names of every card in my Hearthstone collection, these are like a yugioh card and post 2010 pokemon card had a baby

@fsecco That's what makes them perfect for those of us who eschew black borders.

Never forget


The fact that Wizards won't allow IE/CE and/or Gold Pro Tour deck cards (or alters at this point) despite printing these abominations, foil only commander cards, the puzzle piece backs from eldritch moon, and going back to innistrad double face is a complete joke. These are unreadable trash. Yet we can't get a reprieve from the reserved list with already printed (on carta mundi presses) cards for eternal formats.

Maybe we will have an explanation in two days (well, actually i hope it will be that) ...

@jhport12 I guess it would have to be better than Trygon Predator for this to really be a thing?

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