26 March 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [8 players]

Tournament announcement post

This morning, I jumped in my car, rolled down my windows, turned my music as loud as the speakers would reasonably allow, and made the drive over to Brash Brewing Co. This is likely to be one of the last nice Sundays Houston gets before summer kicks in and I was going to get the full experience out of it.

I was met by seven other Vintage players, all hungry for a shot at getting their name on our wrestling belt playmat. Also, all thirsty for exceedingly strong beers.

We yet again maintained our record of having every new player win at least one match. In fact, for the second tournament in a row, a newcomer has taken second place!

Top 4 has been submitted to TCDecks here.

All 8 decklists, as scans here

Placing / Name / Deck

  1. Ben K - Ballista Shops
  2. Erik N - UWr Mentor
  3. Will M - Pitch Dredge
  4. Sam C - Paradoxical Oath
  5. Patrick B - W Eldrazi
  6. Joe K - Paradoxical Mentor
  7. Sean L - Days Undoing Belcher
  8. Nick P - Oath w/ all the combos

Next all-proxy Vintage tournament is in two weeks, Sunday 2 9 April at 1:00 PM. Location is TBD but will likely be Brash again. They've offered a free crowler to the winner next time around and possibly more!


Prize wall
Prize pool

Will M added this altered foil Niv-Mizzet to the prize wall

Will also won best proxies. If you haven't seen this frame, check out MagicLibrarities here and ctrl+f for "ALTERNATE FRAME WITH UNGLUED SYMBOL TEST PRINTS"

Of course the only picture of me looks awful. Here I am about to kill Patrick.

Goyf shirts out in force today

I somehow accidentally turned on the flash for this picture.

Darlin' went undefeated at being a good dog.

Ben takes home the wrestling belt / playmat for the second week in a row. He hopes to get some artists to scribble on it at GP San Antonio. Also, it has its first beer stain!

The Brashmobile is everything I could want in a truck.

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I'm glad to see these are a success. I'm eyeballing May to try to make my way to one of these, hopefully dragging a few people from Louisiana with me.

@H. Keep an eye on my annoucement posts. Our LGS has been hinting that they'll be doing proxy Vintage for Power in May. Also, they have a big event in May anyway that's probably worth coming for.

@thecravenone Will do. I'll almost definitely be making it that way in May, but something with that good a prize might entice some other locals a bit more. What proxy level would the Power event be? (Doesn't matter for me, I'm at zero, but most our other people sold their Power.)

@H. I would assume 100% as that's the only way we've recently gotten more than 8 people for an event.

@thecravenone sounds good, I'll let my Legacy crew know, might get a couple interested in possibly winning a piece of Power.

This can't come again soon enough!

@thecravenone Should the next vintage tournament be on April 9th? Not April 2nd?

@GoodGod said in 26 March 2017 Proxy Vintage at Brash Brewing Co [8 players]:

@thecravenone Should the next vintage tournament be on April 9th? Not April 2nd?

yes! thank you for noticing!

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