Is there something wrong with the chat on TMD?

When I select 'New_Chat_With' from a user's profile I can't type in the message box and the send button doesn't appear to work. I don't remember having problems sending PMs in the past.

yeah, something super weird looks like it's happening with chat (which is confusing to me, because no code changes have happened recently). There's a super-ugly javascript workaround, but I'm going to look into why this is happening and try to fix it.

@Brass-Man I see your test pm, but I cannot reply.

yeah ... I'm not sure what's happening but something in the forum software is setting those fields to "disabled." There is a workaround, if you know how to get to your developer console in your browser. (in chrome click on settings > more tools > developer tools), then paste the following in the javascript console at the bottom of that window:

$('#chat-message-input').attr('readonly', false); $('#chat-message-send-btn').attr('disabled', false);

That will turn on the chat for you, until the page changes or refreshes ... but not the person you're sending it to. Obviously that's not a reasonable long-term solution (or even good in the short-term) so I'm looking into what caused the problem and how to reverse it.

In the meantime, apologies for the hassle.

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