Eternal Extravaganza 6 Metagame Report

88 players signed up for some vintage in Baltimore last Sunday. We would like to thank Michael Caffrey and Tales of Adventure for the tournament series and providing the information necessary for the metagame report. Also thank you to Calvin Hodges for prize support and awesome commentary. For anyone who missed it, the vod is available on twitch:

Nick DiJohn took down the tournament through a stacked east coast top 8.

  1. Nick DiJohn - Car Shops
  2. Hank Zhong - Sylvan Mentor
  3. Jeremy Beaver - Hydra Leovold Gush
  4. Charlie Welsch - Ravager Stax
  5. Joe Brennan - Jeskai Mentor
  6. Mike Herbig - Jeskai Mentor
  7. Roland Chang - Sylvan Mentor
  8. Jonathan Suarez - Mentor Silence

Metagame Breakdown:
alt text

alt text

alt text
alt text

Other consisted mostly of Fish decks. Outcome decks without Oath or Mentor were placed in Combo. Paradoxical Mentor was placed in Big Blue.

As expected, the battle of positioning between shops and gush continued. A full 75% of the top 8 was gush decks. Delving a bit deeper, Hank and Roland were the only players on Sylvan Mentor, which was very well positioned in a meta light on Combo decks (a poor matchup). Mentor Silence had a very poor conversion rate into the top8, likely owing to being unfavorable in the mirror and a lack of Outcome decks to prey upon. Jeremy Beaver's list is quite spicy, running his favorite critter Managorger Hydra.

Shops was underrepresented in the overall metagame but had the highest winrate in the tournament, as well as taking down the tournament. The lists were mostly split between Car and Foundry Shops variants. Charlie Welsch's Ravager Stax list is another beast entirely. It is refreshing to see a variety of lists being played.

Thanks to @ChubbyRain for helping enter in decks. Our spreadsheet can be found here. Let us know if you spot any errors.

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Just curious how many of the Gush decks were on Mentor vs another wincon, like Pyromancer or Gush storm?

Also 29 Decks tagged with Gush and 31 with Token, super interested in what those other 2 decks are that were not on Gush.

@p3temangus Click the link at the bottom of the post, go to the "Players and Wins" tab, and do a find on "tokens". To answer one of your questions: there were 3 Paradoxical Mentor lists playing tokens and not gush, along with Jeremy Beaver's list playing gush and not tokens.

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Seems like Shops does even better when there's more Gush around. I'd probably play Shops over anything else if I had unfettered access to cards.

Great event. I really enjoyed each match I played. My favorite match was by far my 2-0 victory versus my arguably worst matchup, Golden Gun Oath.

Congrats on the win, Mean Mr. Mustard! I tuned into the coverage for a couple rounds and appreciated the work of Nick Coss and the technical staff. Eli Kassis can play the main event next time for all I care, the guy was at a complete loss for enthusiasm, annunciation and card identification.

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