Nahiri Landstill - RIW Monthly Vintage 3/19/2017

I played a version of this deck at Eternal Weekend but I built it the day of the event (never do that) and I lost very badly. I have been tinkering with this deck ever since and it have been morphing it into a deck that can win. I played this deck in the January event at RIW and got my butt kicked by Mentor over and over again. The meta-game has shifted a bit and I do play a Paradoxical Storm deck that I posted about some months ago but this deck performed relatively well this month. Here is my list:

4 Standstill
4 Swords to plowshare
2 Wear//Tear
4 Force of will
3 Mental misstep
2 Mana drain
3 Mindbreak trap
3 Nahiri, the Harbinger
1 Jace the mindscrupltor
1 Dack Fayden
1 Ancestral recall
1 Time walk
1 Brainstorm
1 Treasure cruise
1 Dig through time
1 Emrakul, the Aeon Torn
1 Moat
1 Supreme verdict
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Black Lotus
2 Island
1 Plains
3 Tundra
3 Volcanic island
1 Stripmine
2 Wasteland
3 Mishras factory
3 Flooded Strand
2 Misty rainforest

2 Red blast
1 Wear//Tear
3 Stoney silence
3 Tormod's crypt
3 Comtainment priest
1 Supreme verdiict
1 Emrakul, the Promised End
1 Banesfire

The deck is a bit slow and I need to learn to play a bit faster. I have been playing Magic for over 20yrs and I have never played Standstill before so I did have several notable mistakes like breaking my own Standstill 3 times but I did manage to go 4-2 and I never lost 0-2 so I am very happy with the changes.

Round 1
Jon - playing Robots
I know Jon from way back and I was very happy to see him at this event since he is moving away soon. We started game 1 with slow start, he did not play any turn one creatures so I dropped a turn 2 Standstill even though he had a Mishra's Factory on the board. This was a mistake since I let my life drop to 3, and I ended up breaking my own Standstill because I did draw a factory like I expected but he drew into another one and I did not see a wasteland. I lost to Ballista, he played 2 back to back and I only had one counter left. 2nd game I was much more tempered he started with a Revoker naming Jace and I play an early Dack Fayden and take his Revoker to use as a beater/blocker. It works and I slow him down a lot and with Swords and Wear//Tear I own the board then drop a Jace and we go to game 3. Game 3 goes back and forth and I start the edge him out to take control but we are up against time in round and he over extends with Ravager for the win.

Round 2 (0-1)
Andy - playing White Eldrazi
I start slow and so does he but he does get an early Thoughtknot , which gets countered then the gets Cavern going with humans and plays a Thalia . I eventually swords her, and wasteland the Cavern. I play a Moat then, I get Nahiri out after a standstill and push out Emrakul for the win. Game 2 he gets out an early Thorn and I play an early Standstill. We trade back and forth a bit and I finally get a Jace out after the second Standstill. He is on a clock, but he can get rid of Jace.

Round 3 (1-1)
? - playing Esper Control
This started with him playing an early Ancestral which I Mental Misstep but he plays Snapcaster off a Cavern 2 turns later. He gets ahead on cards and I never catch up. He gets a Jace and I scoop. Game 2 I brought in Tormod's and Containment Priest, and I took out Dack and Wear//Tear. He got out an early Library of Alexandria which I do Wasteland and I get an early Standstill down that he has to break and I let him play Vendilion Clique since I had 3 Swords in hand. I take over the board and get Nahiri down and the big guys does his thing. Game 3 I yank out the Containment priest and leave in 2 Tormod's Crypt. We trade Strip mines and I get rid of a Karakas. He gets out a Crucible and I think long and hard about a solution since Dack and Wear//Tear are gone, but I remember that I have Tormods. I did have 1 mox but he did not have much blue. I did get to the Tormod's thanks to a Dig through Time and was able to stabilize and Wasteland his only blue source in the process. He still has Karakas on the board and I get Nahiri down. I have one Wasteland left and a hand full of counterspells. He never gets 2 blue and I get the big guy out to finish it.

Round 4 (2-1)
Kyle - playing Paradoxical Storm
He starts with a fetch land and plays an early Voltaic key. I ramp up and turn 3 he plays a Grim Monolith and I counter it then play a Wear//Tear on Voltaic key. On my turn, I play Jace and he scopes. I have no idea what he is playing by I suspect that it is Paradoxical Storm so I take out all of my creature control -4 sword, -1 supreme verdict, -1 moat. I add 2 Red Blast, 3 Stoney Silence and Emrakul, the Promised End. He starts with an early Defense Grid and I do not have a counterspell. On my turn, I get a land and mox down and he plays 2 more Defense Grids. He pushes the combo but cannot go all the way, I do tell him that he has to play Tendrils which I suspect he is not playing since I have Emrakul, the Aeon Torn in my deck. He stops with a bunch of artifacts and a Tolerian Academy in play and 3 Defense Grids. I do manage to get a Stoney Silence into play but he plays Tinker for Blightsteel and that ends it since I do not draw Dack or Jace. Game 3 I start with an early Stoney Silence and I double it up and play a second. I get Standstill and a Mishra's Factory and the Factory goes the distance for the win.

Round 5 (3-1)
Aaron - Paradoxical Storm
Aaron is a very good player and I have no idea what he is playing. All I know is that he is undefeated. He pushes a turn 1 Defense Grid that I have no answer for and that essentially buys him a turn 2 win with Time Vault and Voltaic Key. I again side out all creature hate and put in the Red Blast with Stoney Silence and second Emrakul. He starts with a Brainstorm and I Red Blast it. That slows him down and I play a Stoney Slience and then a Standstill. I make a HUGE play mistake and play Nahiri with Standstill in play. He gets 3 cards, but he cannot get through the Stoney Silence plus Nahiri and I get the big guy to finish it off. Game 3 I get an early Standstill that he has to break, and I get out the early Stoney Silence after playing some counters and he cannot get the answer in time.

Round 6 (4-1)
Ben - 2 card monte
Ben starts with a Leyline of the Void and I have a very good hand with a Lotus + Mox + Nahiri and Mindbreak Trap. I go first and play Nahiri, she eats the Leyline. Ben plays a Trinisphere but he cannot catch up and Nahiri gets Emrakul. Game 2 he gets the turn one defense grid and I cannot stop it or get rid of it. I have a bunch of counter but the wrong kind. He goes nuts on turn 2 to set up the Grid Stone combo and turn 3 plays Leyline for the win. Game 3 I keep a lackluster hand but I did not want to go to 6. He starts with a Leyline of the Void, and I have Stoney Silence with Mishra's Factory. I was pushing hard but I never got much business on my side - no planeswalkers or removal and his life was getting low. But, he pulls the Helm of Obedience with a Trinisphere on the board and played removal spell to win.

Final record 4-2 gets me 4th place. I think that I could have handled 2 card monte if I had mulliganed my hand on game 3 but who knows. My take away is that I need to be better prepared for Defense Grid. I may need Echoing Truth or Hurkly's Recall. I'm also looking at Meltdown (an olde but a goode) and Energy Flux. Overall, this deck performed much better than it ever has and I think it will continue to be a force as I learn to play it better. Until next month.

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Nice deck and write up. I have played standstill to much success over the years, and the meta can still be good for it. My only suggestion is 3 Mindbreak trap is far too many maindeck. I always went with a 1/1 split of Mindbreak Trap and Flusterstorm. In the spot of the 3rd Mindbreak Trap I would run either Crucible of Worlds or Energy Flux, maindeck. Mind you these lists are a bit older, but the concept hasn't changed much, so maybe it will give you some ideas, good luck, keep it up!

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Thanks, I think I remember you we played way back in 2010 in Columbus. I came in 3rd with dark times deck here. I'll consider your advice. Note that Paradoxical Storm is a very aggressive deck and I did use MBT 3 times on turn one, I just did not mention it.

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