Eternal Weekend Europe prize support

Prizes for the event were announced by Bazaar of Moxen and I saw that first gets the choice between some of their tickets OR the painting alone.

I don't think @IronChef could comment on this, but my guess would be that WotC does not make TO pay for the actual paintings. Even if the item might be worth a lot on the secondary market, wouldn't be quite the rip-off to award something you get for free as the sole top prize of your event?

In the end I'm going there mostly for the chance of playing some Vintage, but I feared something like this might not be good advertising for the future of the event.

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@Log Before you claim "rip-off," shouldn't you talk about the total prize fund, not just first place? Not supporting first well, may or may not be a good idea, but if it allows further prizes down the placement line, then that completely mitigates against a rip-off claim. Even then, players can ultimately vote with their feet/wallets. When I organized chess events (small scale), I would always try to find a free site (restaurant, library, school) and return 87.5% or more in prizes. When I played, I tried to support those organizers who more closely approximated such number as well. Organizing is, of course, hard work so I won't criticize anyone who tries to be capitalistic about it and maximize profits. But I won' support them either.

Having been to some of the earliest BoM, I stopped a while back, as entry seemed to be becoming very expensive given the prizes on offer. I can go to an LGS and see a few dozen players for a tenner, so €60 seems expensive, especially after the cancellation of the London event with a months's notice, which I think left a bad flavour with a lot of UK players.

The term "rip-off" wasn't probably a good choice, but a quick comparison shows that the total amount awarded this year for top 32 was raised by 10k BoM Points.
My concern though was more about what it might be for the future of the event if that choice gets negative feedback and not about the actual amount of prizes.

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They may have some trepidation about turn out given the Fall Euro EW's pitiful turnout.

I would personally feel very proud to have the painting in my living room, much more than any prize can offer.

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