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@xXHazardXx Hazmat, it's Pastimes, so I Highly doubt they'll do anything, unfortunately.

Why not go to NYSE or Champs? I thought you went to champs with us before?

Wrong HazMat Soly 🙂

Okay, so I tracked down the Magic event coordinator: info@pastimes.net.

I have emailed them and requested a large Vintage event. Perhaps if more people do this our voice will be heard?

As for Champs and other events, I am a game store owner so getting away is not something I can easily do. GenCon is my one trip a year I am able to take a break from the store!

I look forward to playing with some of you guys in August!

Gencon probably isn't worth the trip anymore if Magic is all you are looking to do. Magic fills some time in the schedule but last year it was fixed 4 rounders for every format. The upside was they handed out byes to Champs, though even that was pretty messed up. The 'grinders' were fixed 4 rounds and everyone who went 4-0 got a bye. They were regular REL, which meant no deck lists. Which ... led to some unprovable strange situations to say the least. Also, if you got to 3-0 and were fortunate to be paired with somebody with no intention of going to champs there was a good chance to just get scooped in.

I'm going to GenCon. I don't plan on playing in any official events, but I'm definitely going to bring a bunch of proxy decks and cubes, and would be thrilled to play pickup vintage with anyone from TMD.

I'll make a new thread for it when things are more established, but I'm currently planning on organizing a "TMD Meetup" at GenCon - maybe a dinner, maybe including some TMD Swag. If you're going and that's something that sounds interesting to you, let me know.

Bringing 3-4 Team Tusk members / Vintage players from Atlanta and the mid-Atlantic. Should be a good time. A TMD meet up would be cool, @Brass-Man you abused some of these Atlanta guys in their college years they may want pay back.

@hazard God dammit there's too many Hazards!

@Brass-Man TMD meetup would be pretty excellent. Last year's GenCon is what pushed me into vintage, so I'm looking forward to the events this year even if they're just 4 rounders. It'd be good to meet more of the community.

I usually reserve my Friday for Magic playing. I would love to do a couple on the Friday. (big or 4-5 rounders).

Additionally, we should all do... something, that signifies we're mana drainers. So when we sit down next to our opponent, we can recognize each other!

Basically instead of Theives' Cant... only TMD Cant 😉

@Brass-Man said:

I'm currently planning on organizing a "TMD Meetup" at GenCon

Wednesday night, Kilroy's has $5 32oz Long Islands.

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@thecravenone That is horrifying and I will be there.

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