Card Links and Decklist Formatting

Just added two little features to make your posts a little prettier.

Card Links

Surround the name of a card with double-square-brackets to turn
[Brass Man]] into Brass Man .

Decklist Formatting

Surround a list of cards with triple-backticks (```)to
auto-format a decklist.

# The Perfect Deck
## Andy Probasco
creatures (4)
4 Brass Man
lands (54)
54 Island
Sideboard (14)
14 Forest


The Perfect Deck

Andy Probasco

Creatures (4)

Lands (54)

54 Island

Sideboard (14)

14 Forest

'#' and '##' markdown tags turn a line into a heading, lines starting with numbers are translated into cardnames and other lines are considered subsection headings.

Have fun!

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You are a generous god.

Thanks, this is great!
The only way this is more perfect is if we can have buttons for this near the add picture, create a poll, etc.

@rikter Don't tell the judge man, are you trying to get me DQ'd?


That's awesome work Brass Man. That's the same way autocarding works for most content producers. it should be very helpful.

I very much appreciate things like this. Thanks!

Yep, this is way later.

Hey Andy, my personal blog is built on Markdown. Would you mind sharing how you got this working?

Basically I made a mini-plugin for NodeBB that processes the text. It takes in the text from a post, processes it (turns the pseudo-markdown into html) and outputs it formatted the way you see. I'm happy to share the javascript I used, but I don't know how much control your blog software gives you. If it doesn't just let you use arbitrary javascript, I don't know that it will be much use to you.

@Brass-Man You should rebuild the deck. I don't think you're going to win much. 🙂


I'm using Ghost, which is also built around NodeJS and uses Markdown - pretty convenient to use one formatting tool across my two biggest posting places! It does indeed allow for arbitrary JS, so if you could send that to me I'd greatly appreciate it!

oh wow tomorrow we will see if I can actually do this when I type up all these decklists.

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