Islandswamp talks about the Power Nine Challenge and data mining in Vintage!

This week's article goes over a couple decks from the Power Nine Challenge and I also discuss the recent issue of data collection/dissemination on Magic Online. For those of you who are unaware Lee Sharpe and other MTGO people were talking about how they either plan to or want to start sharing far less data about MTGO results.

Basically they (WotC) are worried that the data leads to Standard being solved too fast and that exacerbates the problems they're having with the flagship format. This MAY be true for Standard, I don't play it so I have no real opinion. I made the argument that I feel most Vintage players want more data and not less though.

If you happen to read the article and have an opinion of data in Vintage please consider leaving a comment on MTGGoldfish itself. Comments left on MTGGoldfish are more likely to be read by a Wizard's employee I think.

I kind of wish I had written more about the data issue, but I feel that I should tread lightly around such issues as I do not wish to draw the ire of WotC. Plus I didn't have enough time to poll the community about their opinions on the matter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Take care!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Islandswamp