List of oldschool (sub-) archetypes

The Stockholm community has put up a site featuring a plethora of sweet oldschool brews along with short descriptions of general game plan for every build.

Edit: The credit goes to Gordon Andersson and the Wak-Wak crew. Two of the featured brews are mine, but that's about it.

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This is an amazing resource and I appreciate all the work that went into it.

Great job that you did ! Thank you.

@albarkhane I'm not the one one behind this, although two of my brews are featured (Trick Deck and The Machine/Coffin Combo).

Really enjoy old school. Dark zoo not there, but that really is a sub archetype. Amazing work

@portland I'm positive the guys are happy to feature a list if you get in touch with them.

Hi, I'm the creator of the site 🙂 Feel free to give me any feedback you have!

@portland You're actually the second person asking about Dark Zoo. Maybe that should have it's own page instead of just a Zoo page. Or at least be mention there. Could you give me a list or just a quick run down what the big differences are?

Or you can just post a picture in the comment section as it's there for exactly that purpose, for people to discuss and share different builds 🙂

Cheers Gordon,

have played a couple of games against it, one simply added tutor and twist (much in the same way it fits in UR burn to great effect) and the other was full blown 5c good stuff with Juzams, Sedges and a Sengir for flying reach too. BoPs over elves made the troublesome mana base workable, but didn't help when I played T1 Blood Moon in G2 against it!

Amazing effort Mr A, it's in my bookmarks already.

@portland just a black splash is not enough for it's own page 🙂

But if there is a unique version that tops with Juzam it would be cool to check out! But can it be that you are talking about Machine Head? A primarly Green and Black deck with BoP, Juzams and more. Sometimes it also splashes red for Trolls and bolts. It is on the site 🙂

Wow, what an awesome website. @gordonandersson thanks for such an interesting resource!

Excellent website. It would be interesting if there was some way to classify, for example, all Berserk decks as one archetype, and then have UG, RG, and BG berserk decks as sub-archetypes.

Also, a post for UR tempo/UR control would be great since it is so popular in the US. Maybe not as much across the pond?

@mediumsteve it seems they lumped it in with "Aggro" as a sort of Counter-Burn classification.

oops, you're right. didn't expect it to be there, and it mentions that you can build it more controlling.

reading the blog post about how wak-wak was designed, it seems like lots of details were kept out on purpose to keep it from becoming too net-deckish.

My only critique is I wish each image had a text decklist for those not completely familiar with the artwork of the card.

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