Tezzeret control

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  • I'm not sure if there is any relevant thoughts or feedback you can have from a decklist that is posted with no comments or anything that follow. I would suggest that if you want any relevant feedback, follow up your post with more information about card choices and such.

    For example, why 1 Fact of Fiction? Why 1 Thirst for Knowledge? Both are unrestricted.

  • @dragoscar said in Tezzeret control:


    This deck is definitely legal in Vintage.

  • He has posted a deckbulding thread already:

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    I would recommend editing the original post to include a link to that thread, as well as a bit of commentary regarding the deck's evolution and experience in the metagame. Theory at least. Gotta give us something to work with.

  • Those are 2 separate decks. I have no experience with this deck in the metagame yet because I'm not sure how to play vintage without goldfishing and I really don't like to gold fish, but I think I have a reasonable grasp on the vintage meta game and translated that to the deck however I could be wrong, that's one of my concerns with the deck. Some other concerns I have with it is: Does it need more fast mana in the form of grim monolith or more colored mana in the form of seat of the synod/Island, Is fact or fiction a good enough card, how many mana drains is the right number, how many mental misstep is the right number, does the deck need toxic deluge, do I want nature's claims or more hurkyl's recalls/rebuild,

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    @dragoscar download cockatrice or MTGO and start practicing. That's my advice. People on here will test with you I bet.

  • My first thought when I saw this list, was: "Woah!! That's a blast from the past!"

    I have not seen a Tezzeret-based vault/key deck perform well at a large event recents. I'd suggest that there are a few reasons:

    • Creatures are everywhere; reducing the value of Tezzeret
    • Null Rod and Stony Silence see a decent amount of play
    • Mana Drain is a little slow when put up against Arcbound Ravager and Monastery Mentor
    • Swords to Plowshares and Dack Fayden are best buddies with Blightsteel Colossus; but poor BSC always feels like the other cards are ganging up on him...

    In game 1, the lack of removal (either permanent or creature), would hurt, as other decks are much faster (for example, any deck running the Paradoxical Outcome engine).

    The transformation is cute, but I feel like it leaves the deck somewhat soft to taxing effects, and dredge. A Smokestack-based deck that deploys a Null Rod and some spheres effects, then follows up with some land destruction would be difficult to beat with 15 lands (one of which is colourless, and two of which would be shut off by the rod).

  • paradoxical outcome is so much better than Fact of Fiction or Thirst for Knowledge in this deck it's painful to see them.

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