MTG Underground: Mono Green Oldschool Blog Update

I updated my blog tonight, talking about mono green in Oldschool. Hardly vintage, but all community. If 93/94 magic is your thing, you could probably read worse words. Because mine are fucking awesome.

Love you all.

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It's really interesting to me how different some of these look to the green decks that were stomping me back in the day... perhaps the version with the Howling Mine/Relic Barrier engine looks most familiar to me...

Scavenger Folk was definitely popular - but I also remember green decks playing stuff like Tracker - with Aspect of Wolf for good measure... good times.

Is there a green ramp strategy viable in old school? Again, just from memory, but I definitely remember getting crushed my mono green decks using Ley Druid as a pseudo mana elf to help dump out quick Craw Giants/Forces of Nature....

Halcyon days! Thanks for the content Ben! 🙂

Thanks for the link, I would like a section on TMD for Oldschool.

That was really cool man, thanks for sharing! I'd totally play that format with you if I ever get the chance.

@sodoyouwearacape I think with 4 strip mines ramp strategies are less appealing maybe. I had a deck using gaea's touch and wild growth and a single ley druid that would pummel out early force of nature and craw wurm but it just felt like it was missing something. The howling mine strategy makes me want to revisit fastbond, maybe with verduran enchantress.

@Islandswamp it has become my default/casual format, so I am building a ton of suboptimal decks that play well against each other.

@Chase_Dagger I think it would be useful to a lot of us. Maybe we just need to suggest it to @Brass-Man once he returns from his adventures in wonderland.

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