TSI Feb 2020


The Team Serious Invitational is back and it's worth watching, goddamnit. 35ish inebriated planeswalkers will converge on Columbus, OH tomorrow with the most ridiculous brews they can muster, and you get to see it all. Coverage will be hosted by the legendary Moes cousins @GrandpaBelcher and @GeoffMoesDoesn'tEvenHaveATMDAccountYouAsshole.

See the action unfold in real time tomorrow, February 8th, coverage starting at ... I don't know probably 1:00PM EST? I mean stop rushing us already.

  • @protoaddict

    The drawback is actually an advantage alongside a Mentor-type effect since it'll keep triggering it.

    But that kind of seems like a win-more.

    I guess it can't hurt to throw 1 copy of this into a deck and see how it runs.

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  • @vaughnbros said in Krak, the Thumbless:

    Its awkward with pitch and delve spells.

    Yea but it is also disproportonatley good with spells that make themselves purely free or close to it: Gitaxian Probe, Summoning trap, Archive Trap, Land Grant, and Mindbreak Trap. Not saying those all see play, but basically he can only double those.

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  • Xerox engine deck with this on the top end is not completely terrible, but there might be better things to do with a ton of mana and spells.

    Its awkward with pitch and delve spells.

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  • I wonder if you are playing Krark, does it actually make sense to use the thumb? I mean you do want to win your flips.

    I do want to live in a world where a coinflip deck is viable in vintage. I really do.

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