Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Throne of Eldraine, for Vintage.

0:01:00: Announcements
0:16:25: Modern Horizons Report Card
0:59:00: Throne of Eldraine Mechanics
1:04:12: Wishclaw Talisman
1:46:50: Once Upon a Time
2:01:00: Mystical Dispute
2:06:10: Shimmer Dragon
2:10:10: Witch’s Vengeance
2:20:00: Questing Beast
2:27:20: Emry, Lurker of the Loch
2:34:51: Deafening Silence
3:22:55: Stonecoil Serpent
3:34:47: Robber of the Rich
Total runtime: 3:50:50

Show Notes
Throne of Eldraine visual preview

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Hi all, we do occasionally dabble in Vintage and this weekend our host Zac made top 8 at the Mana Drain open. Here's the cast with deck and meta discussion and a tournament report. enjoy!

  • I’ve been messing with Emry+Bazaar with the Vengevine/Hollow One/Rootwala package including some Salvage Titans and Memnites, etc. One interaction I stumbled upon that’s very interesting is Emry+Hope of Ghirapur. It’s a soft lock against anything without instant speed ways to kill creatures. Could be an interesting thing in tiny robots? Maybe with Erayo?

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  • You could play mirror of fate as a win con in tron and win on turn 4 in with control. Seems pretty good.

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  • S

    Mirror of Fate 4 of this and 3 Lord of Atlantis. Ez pz. ❤

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  • Is anyone looking at this and mirror of fate in modern?

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