Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian discuss the results of the North American Vintage Championship 2019, as well as the November 1st Banned and Restricted List update.

0:00:57: Announcements
0:02:40: Vintage Champs Summary
0:08:30: Vintage Champs Metagame Breakdown
0:26:20: Top 8 Decks
0:56:00: Our tournament experiences
1:30:39: Narset Restriction: Analysis and Impact
Total runtime: 1:58:45
Show Notes
– November 1, 2019 Banned and Restricted List Announcement
– North America Vintage Champs 2019 Coverage and Results
– Vintage 101: US Eternal Weekend NA Vintage Championships 2019

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  • This was a good listen! The data presented for card of the year was really interesting, thanks for putting it together Kevin. If you ever have extra time when producing this, I'd love it if you included some data for cards from other years in this section for comparison.

    For instance, I'd be interested to see the numbers for Jace, The Mind Sculptor or Jace, Vryn's Prodigy brought up when talking about the power of Narset, or Nature's Claim/Disenchant when discussing Force of Vigor.

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  • I really agree with your point about cards that are banned in some formats not necessarily being mistakes. I think there were a lot of genuine mess-ups in 2019, but some of the stuff that I see people deride as huge mistakes are cards that I think are great. Veil of Summer is a good example--too strong for standard I guess, but I think it's a good addition to Magic as a whole and I'm glad it wasn't held back by Standard-centric design.

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    Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review the year in Vintage, and award their annual Moxy awards for Best Card, Best Set, Best Deck, and Best Story of 2019.


    0:01:00: Announcements
    0:05:40: The Year in Data
    0:45:00: Best Card
    1:13:35: Best Set
    1:26:27: Best Deck
    1:36:29: Story of the Year
    2:06:00: Rise of Skywalker Review
    Total runtime: 2:51:32
    Contact us at @ManyInsanePlays on Twitter or e-mail us at

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