Wrote up my notes and a brief tournament report for the first Vintage Unleashed event. It was small but powerful. Players have had a lot of fun exploring the format and I'm looking forward to working on more decks!

My annual, mid-year take on what should change in every format I care about. Five suggested changes for Vintage:

Let me know your thoughts!



  • So I was just talking to a friend today and we were reminiscing about the early days of Tolarian Academy (not pleasant of course for anyone playing at the time), but for some reason early versions of the deck didn't include Mana Crypt, even though it was a 95+% turn 1 kill deck and seemingly would have been improved.

    It got me to thinking, so I went through some old decklists from the late 90s and couldn't find any that featured Mana Crypt. The only one I could find was a speed-kill Atog deck (Vise, Atog, Factories, Crypts, Bolts, Psi Blast), but even that only had three crypts.

    I'm pretty sure it was legal at the time (when was it printed?), but wasn't restricted until 10/99, 9 months after Academy (1/99).

    This card seems like a no-brainer for at least the MirrorU decks of the time, as I am pretty sure the meta at the time of Saga was mostly Zoo-Necro-Mirror-WW, Burn.

    Anyone have insight as to why Crypt was such a slow burn?

    My only guess is that mono-red kept it in check for that long. Back then, the first deck you tested against was 4-turn mono red. You had to have a sligh plan.

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  • Pay good programmers to make functional software to actually play the game during the pandemic?

    Or increase marketability by paying for IP to add random pop-culture references to the game, and capitalize on social justice by banning random cards?

    Hmmmm... Seems they care more about collectibles than the game, once again.

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  • @evouga You described my concern with this change very clearly. It's highly disturbing that they're willing to print mechanically unique cards in this way.

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  • Flayer of the Hatebound is probably the best finisher since it has reach, and smaller amounts than 20 can be used to wipe your opponents board.

    Griselbrand, Muldrotha I think are the best facilitators since they can win on their own. Muldrotha you can easily grind out wins (2 Hollow Ones every turn, and a landfall) and Griselbrand plays well with all the pitch spells to buy time.

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