• My stance has remained unchanged. Restrict everything. Other than basic lands of course. The format will gain significant stability.

    The constant rotation over the last few years has been a huge turn off for me. By the time I get around to building a working deck with the new cards, another restriction or major printing occurs. I simply don’t have the time to devote to the game, like I could as a college student. I think there are a number of other players in the same boat.

    The other issue is that the cost of playing is still very prohibitive. Not just with the reserved list that will just keep rising, but the new cards are rarely ever cheap. The mythic rare system along with these limited release sets are a blight on the game. Dropping $50 on 1 copy of some random new card every time they do that is just an awful feeling. The game is expensive enough just throwing money at entry fees.

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  • @stormanimagus

    This Hatebear list of mine is a year old, but no 1 toughness creatures:

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  • @vaughnbros

    As soon as there are enough worth running let me know.

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  • C


    If things change regarding Workshops and Bazaar, then I'll update my recommendations. However, I don't think we can ignore the presence of other unrestricted cards in the format when considering action.

    For instance, I think Thorn and Lodestone Golem are the most clear casualties of Workshops existing in the format. The fact that these cards function as a one-sided Sphere in most cases, when combined with Workshops mana generation, make the tempo disparity in a match too skewed in favor of the Shops player as Shops moved to more of an Aggro game plan.

    A similar pattern exists with the Bazaar decks - the tempo gained from Bazaar, combined with the pitch spells and wasteland effects - creates pretty skewed game play from turn 1. You can say Vintage is format in which broken things happen but the frequency of those things is modulated by the restricted list and Bazaar has become much more consistent with the implementation of the London mulligan and printing of Once upon a Time.

    Is the fault Bazaar/Shops or the other cards? Does it matter if no action is taken against Bazaar or Shops?

    For what it's worth, I've had a lot of success recently with various Hatebearsish lists, including GW Maverick and Azban Humans. I enjoy the archetype, too.

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