• @fsecco said in [CMR] Wheel of Misfortune:

    It's funny that if you are on the play and you fetch you will lose the bid and draw nothing.

    Actually, scratch that. Your opponent can guarantee you don't draw cards even if you have the same life total. Yeah, I don't think this is good enough for a 2-player game.

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    @wagner said in [CMR] Wheel of Misfortune:

    I highly doubt people will actually pay 17-19 lives for this on turn 1. You'd need a god draw with 3-4 mana floating after the wheel to have a somewhat reliable kill. If you don't win that turn, you're pretty much dead to anything.

    You can also cast a mini-Tendrils to gain the life needed to cast the second Wheel. Presumably you are running the Wheel in a TPS shell (since if your deck is based around artifact acceleration only, PO is just better than even a one-sided Wheel of Fortune, no?).

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  • @thewhitedragon69 said in [CMR] Jeweled Lotus:

    @fsecco Yeah, I'm not baying $15-16 let alone $150-160. This card can only cast commanders, so it's basically junk except as a 1 of in a single format.

    It is. Except that Commander is the format that drives cards' prices more than any other. I bet this price will come a bit down once people realize this card is not as busted as they think. But the high demand alone will keep it way high. Being a Mythic won't help.

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  • @dshin said in [CMR] Wheel of Misfortune:

    @fsecco I think you mean, “if you are on the play and you fetch, your opponent can guarantee you will lose the bid”.

    Opponent might not want to exercise that guarantee because he does not want to forfeit the ability to activate fetchlands or to cast FoW/Misstep/etc. after the wheel.

    Yeah, I thought it was clear this was what I meant. The thing is that if you don't pay 19, you give your opponent a chance to just deny you the cards. Depending on what you got left in your hand, that means game over.

    Suppose you're playing against a Storm player that dumps his hand (which he needs to do in order to have mana to play anything after Wheel. He plays Wheel with 1 card left in hand after a FoW battle. What do you pay? You may just choose to pay a lot of life just to stop his card and control the game from there. It's your choice.

    Also, if you have a good hand with good permition, you may just pay 0 and let this resolve, since you won't have to lose your hand. It's like he's having all the trouble to draw a new hand while you can hold on to your FoW, FoN + Trap and deal with whatever he draws without the " "forced mulligan".

    So I think the card has several scenarios in which it's very bad, and I wouldn't be excited to play it too much.

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