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Author Topic: U/W 9-strip Fish [Developing]  (Read 2181 times)
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« on: October 21, 2010, 03:37:27 AM »

Howdy all. It's been a while since I've posted, and since these forums have undergone an overhaul, I believe this is the proper place to post this (developing) decklist.  Currently this decklist is somewhat clunky, and I'm hoping to get some feedback as to what may make it a more competitive and better focused deck.  I'll go over the weaknesses and strengths it currently has at the end of the post. Also as a note, this deck doesn't currently have Null Rod in it, however it could easily be thrown in, and may very well be needed.  That's why I chose this forum section.  Smile

Stand Still and Strip -

Creatures - (9)
4x Ethersworn Canonist
4x Leonin Arbiter
1x Sundering Titan

Artifacts - (8)
4x Chalice of the Void
1x Crucible of Worlds
1x Black Lotus
1x Mox Sapphire
1x Mox Pearl

Enchantments - (4)
4x Standstill

Instants - (15)
1x Ancestral Recall
1x Brainstorm
1x Fact or Fiction
1x Mystical Tutor
4x Stifle
4x Force of Will
3x Daze

Sorceries - (5)
1x Balance
1x Ponder
1x Time Walk
1x Gifts Ungiven
1x Tinker

Lands - (24)
1x Island
1x Snow Covered Island
1x Plains
4x Tundra
4x Flooded Strand
4x Ghost Quarter
1x Strip Mine
4x Wasteland
4x Mishra's Factory

So, first things first, this deck has 65 cards. Obviously, this is inefficient and is a major point of interest.  At first glance, though I would like to fit Standstill into this build, it may be reasonable to go:
-4 Standstill
-4 Mishra's Factory

However, testing this with a 65 card list, there were some very important things I noticed. First, Ghost quarter is a sub-par in an opening hand without Arbiter.  Also, playing Standstill and Stifle as 4ofs may be overkill. Another option I'm considering for thinning this deck towards 60 cards would be:
-1 Standstill
-1 Ghost Quarter (thus becoming 8 strip!)
-1 Chalice of the Void
-1 Stifle
-1 Daze?

As you can see, I'm somewhat stuck in my mindset of wanting to keep Standstill, and hence, I could use some feedback.

Weaknesses of this deck:
Oath - This deck has an unfavorable matchup against Oath in G1.  Aside from hopefully winning a counter war over an Oath, it's fighting a huge uphill battle without much of a chance.  For sideboard choices, 4x Leyline of Sanctity, since Oath now must target a player, seems pretty solid. StP will most likely be a sideboard card as well for this matchup.
Fish - Faster aggro/control decks may be an issue for this deck as well. It certainly has a much better chance against goyfs and other less controlling beaters, where some well timed plays can create enough of an advantage to win, but a lot of the time, this deck should have an issue with low mana curve decks. Sower of temptations in the side may help out a lot.
Workshop Aggro - This may be on the edge.  I feel like any fast deck may be able to overcome this deck's mana denial strategy, and Workshop aggro would definitely qualify in that area.

Strengths of this deck:
Control - This deck can bring the beatdown to a control deck's manabase. Combined with Arbiter's search effect and Canonist's tempo slowing, it should be enough to take care of a decent amount of control decks.
Bazaar based decks - 9 strip effects. Pretty solid.
Combo - Canonist and Arbiter pretty effectively neuter a good amount of combo decks. There's also nothing more satisfying than Stifling a Tendrils... Wink

Some thoughts on where to take the deck that I'm unsure of as of yet:
Fastbond/Crop Rotation
Quasali Pridemage/Trygon Predator (If green is accessed, these two increase the Oath matchup significantly)
Null Rod
Frantic Search (Was originally in here, with more Crucibles, but didn't make the cut with Standstill)

On a final note, I really like this new printing of Arbiter, and though another 9-strip deck was already posted, I feel that this is a much different shell and should be treated somewhat differently.  There are probably a lot of different directions this deck concept can take, and I feel that the inclusion of Stifle is so important in shutting down early fetches and other activations that it shouldn't be overlooked. That card is hands down ridiculous.

Thanks in advance for any feedback
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« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2010, 08:54:56 PM »

I'd cut the Standstills and the Factories.  They seem clunky, too situational, and the deck doesn't really want too many lands that dont tap for colored mana.  FoF ponder, tinker ans Gifts should be creatures.  As a fish deck (especially one with 9 strip effects), you really want all your spells to be disruptive, and cheap.  In a deck with creatures, balance seems a bit sub optimal, but I can understand its inclusion.  Also, chalice seems a bit out of place, since Chalice @ 0 isn't too hot with all the gush decks running around, and Chalice @ 2 shuts your whole deck down, and on turn 2, you really want to be dropping a creature.  

As far as creatures go, Jotun grunt is a good one.  All the strip effects shou;d make it relatively easy to pay for his upkeep cost for a bit, and he's just a beater.  Cursecatcher goes well with the mana denial plan, and is something to do on turn 1.  Vendilion clique is hot stuff, and ninja of the deep hours is sweet card advantage, and works well with vendilion.  Kataki is also pretty hot, and is beackbreaking against shops.

Also, I'd be running null rod.  It shuts off the best win condtion ever.
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