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 on: Today at 01:22:59 AM 
Started by AmbivalentDuck - Last post by msg67183
What exactly is the play if you have T1 Prospector and Turn 2 Marshal? Do you sac the 3 tokens for a Warchief? Or for Matron, then sack the Matron for tutored Lackey? Or just attack with Prospector and sac it to Earwig?

What's best against what?

All of those lines of play are common for this deck yes. It all depends on what you feel you need at the moment. I will say that Earwig Squad, Chalice and Null Rod really push this decks playability. They really punish the greedy decks hard.

 on: Today at 12:57:49 AM 
Started by msg67183 - Last post by Stormanimagus
I beat SeanOhh 2-0 with my Mentor monstrosity.

Game 1 was just very awkward for both of us. Mana Crypt did it's usual job of halving my opponent's life total and Mentor did the rest despite me drawing 1 land in 18 cards (2 moxen for the mentor) and sitting on a dig and a dack the whole game that would have been castable if I drew 1 land. He really whiffed on red land early which bought me the tempo and time I needed to get there. Awkward awkward game for both of us.

Game 2 was a little more interesting at first but it spiraled out of control late. I opened on double misstep double plow and only 1 misstep ended up being useful to eat an early Goblin Welder. Early Stony Silence kept his mana at bay but then he gets dack and starts ripping through his deck while I topdeck. . . nothing. This goes on for many turns. A Daretti and Tezz eventually join the party on his end, but he still doesn't have an out to the stony and he can't seem to find a Wurmcoil to bin. After using an Ancestral to find Mentor I finally have a threat to start chipping away at his life total and he's down to 0 cards in hand at the beginning of each turn. I steal a mox of his with a Dack of my own to reduce the value of his Tolarian and simultaneously make Tezz's ultimate way worse. It's an insane game where he has 3 plainswalkers in play for much of the end of the game just chugging away and finding him nothing relevant in the face of an active Stony Silence. My Mentor eventually delivers the goods with a turn of spell chaining and gross prowessing. Weird note. I did not cast a single Gush or even see a Gush either game. crazy!

GGs Sean!

 on: Yesterday at 11:35:03 PM 
Started by Prospero - Last post by Space_Stormy
Good shit. Awesome to see events like this do so well! Enjoyed the coverage a ton and wil definiley put in effort to make it next year!!

 on: Yesterday at 11:25:09 PM 
Started by bactgudz - Last post by Stormanimagus
I think comparing it to Burning Wish for Yawgmoth's Will is the best comparison we can make.  Although when you take a Will turn how often are you strapped for mana? 3BR vs 3BB + gaining BBB is super tempting I think decklists are kinda full on tutors and we don't see much Burning Long as it is. Seeing it replace Imperial Seal or Grim Tutor maybe but not as a 4-of in any deck.

To compare this to Burning Wish is slightly erroneous in my view because:

A.) You don't have to necessarily splash Red with this card.
B.) Rituals cast it.
C.) Most importantly, this doesn't exile itself upon resolution so you can use it from your graveyard to find Tendrils. This is a mechanical difference between the two cards that can't be overstated. I think this card is mostly better than Burning Wish in a dedicated Will deck.


 on: Yesterday at 10:06:47 PM 
Started by bactgudz - Last post by Space_Stormy
I think comparing it to Burning Wish for Yawgmoth's Will is the best comparison we can make.  Although when you take a Will turn how often are you strapped for mana? 3BR vs 3BB + gaining BBB is super tempting I think decklists are kinda full on tutors and we don't see much Burning Long as it is. Seeing it replace Imperial Seal or Grim Tutor maybe but not as a 4-of in any deck.

 on: Yesterday at 09:57:40 PM 
Started by Smmenen - Last post by Smmenen
I just finished reading the 10 year compilation that was available in the past few days at work, and will be picking up 2003 here shortly.

It's been a fascinating read and It's been many years since I've seen some of those player's names and stories, some of which I remember reading back in Inquest and the Duelist in the mid-90s when I was 15, 16 years old.

Kudos for compiling this series!

Thank you!  I'm always interested in feedback from players who read the whole series in a long run.  What stood out?  More importantly, was my thesis persuasive? Did you feel as if these schools of Vintage magic exist? 

I'm glad I could bring back memories for you.  What's distinctive about this series, however, compared to other histories of Magic, is how this series is singularly focused on the metagame - the narrative of the evolution of the Type I/Vintage format as such. 

Steve-  I just finished the first chapter and wow things were different when the game first started!  I'm hooked on this series and can't wait to continue reading.  To add an interesting story, I spoke with Jeff Menges about a year ago and asked how he was chosen to do the art for Bazaar.  He said that he had done some work with Wizards before and he assumed when Arabian Nights was in development that he would be contacted to do some of the art.  Other artists were selected and they spoke to one another but when Jeff was asked what cards he was doing he replied, "I was never contacted."  Jeff called and asked if he could be apart of this set and the art designer only had one card left that wasn't assigned, Bazaar of Baghdad.  I thought that was an interesting story about an iconic card.

That's a good one!  Bazaar of Baghdad was my favorite card when I first started playing, solely because of its thematic allure!  I used to think it was a terrible card! 

I'd like to ask you the same question I asked the reader above.  Let me know your thoughts.  I will keep this series coming.  With 2004, we are going to be more firmly in the modern era. 

Kind of a silly question, but what's up with the price increase on all of these? I saw the tag on this one and thought it seemed odd as I generally enjoyed these at the 2-3 dollar range as a fun little thing. Not sure if I remembered things correctly I went back and looked at some of the older publishing and noticed they weren't too far off this, yet when I went and looked at my transactions and receipts I noticed there was an increase in price across the board on newer chapters. For example, the 2001 chapter is currently listed at 3.99 but all of my records show 2.99, yet everything prior to that seems to still be listed under the original price.

That's a fair question.  The price is really largely a function of length.  I've asked EC to price basically 10 cents per page, rounded down.  So 40 pages is 3.99, 30 pages is 2.99, and 50 pages is 4.99, etc.  I should mention that these articles take WAY more time to write than anything else I do, so this really is a passion project. 

@Prospector: Young Pyromancer's release is, unfortunately, a LONG ways away from where I currently am in this series - but we will get there eventually!

 on: Yesterday at 09:40:41 PM 
Started by fsecco - Last post by Space_Stormy
I am not sure if a draw-2 is really this much to be excited about.

Night's Whisper is good becasue you can cast it off an off-color mox T1, Thirst was amazing because you played it in Goblin Welder decks and wanted to discard artifacts or get rid off excess moxes while digging 3 cards deep.  

I can see the need of wanting instant speed draw when  playing with Mana Drain but we can do better than this.  People are getting excited about this card becasue of the artifact clause but if they just made instant speed Counsel of the Sortami it wouldn't be getting this much buzz.  Keep in mind, if you need to discard an artifact you are not able to which I feel is important.

 on: Yesterday at 09:05:28 PM 
Started by Protoaddict - Last post by jamestosetti
I've been testing the new mulligan rule in Vintage on Cockatrice. It increases the fun of the format by about 20 times lol. But seriously, this rule adds such a unique twist that all I want to do is play Vintage.

 on: Yesterday at 08:48:51 PM 
Started by Prospero - Last post by Prospero
Damn, missing my top 16 picture Sad

Thanks for the great event and all the work you put in!

Logged back in to TMD just for you, Matt.  Your picture is up.

 on: Yesterday at 07:57:49 PM 
Started by fsecco - Last post by fsecco
Maybe I've been playing too much Duel Commander hahaha. I think it's an elegant design, though.

I always think what would be a good "exile top" card for Vintage. If this guy exiled the top 2 instead of 1, would it be good? What about 3?

Or will we only be satisfied if we get something like Sorcery, R, exile top 2, may play until end of turn. Would even that be good?

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