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 on: Today at 08:18:23 AM 
Started by Lurker101 - Last post by DubDub
I hardcast a Gush on Saturday because Magus of the Moon was raining on my parade.

Also, I scooped a game where I untapped with Future Sight because Grafdigger's Cage was in play.  That hurt.

Vintage is pretty sweet.  Very Happy

 on: Today at 08:07:40 AM 
Started by Lurker101 - Last post by WhiteLotus
No, there was no clever play involved. He just seemed to want to Spell Pierce the first thing he could. I obliged.

He must of been in a Daze... Mr. Green

It would be pretty cool to have someone cast ancestral recall when they have Ivory mask/True believer/Solitary confinement in play and tell them: you're not a legal target, I draw three?

 on: Today at 07:59:47 AM 
Started by Saya - Last post by Saya
+1 is nice,but it requires some assistances.Deep Analysis or Obsessive Search

 on: Today at 07:56:35 AM 
Started by Saya - Last post by WhiteLotus
It seems strange no one mentions the interaction with Yawgmoth's will, last I heard that card was still bonkers in vintage. Also in a deck that generates a ton of card advantage the careful study part each turn could be pretty good to turn it into card quality as well as digging deeper for combo pieces. Discarding a dead draw like Blightsteel colossus or a situational answer seems pretty nice.

The stealing part is obviously very good against most blue combo control decks, since they tend to win with artifacts. Stealing anything like a sol ring, crucible, EE seems pretty nice.
Even stealing something like a grafdigger's cage/Null rod and tinkering/Welding it away doesn't seem that awfull.

Against workshops I suspect it will be highly situationnal, sometimes it will single handedly win you the game and sometimes it will very bad.

It doesn't seem that every deck will want it though, It looks pretty niche without powerfull synergies to abuse it. If anything this will go into Welder Builds and I hope make them a thing again, those decks are pretty fun and deserve a comeback since they were collateral victims from Time vault and Tezz.
It's not going to break the format and definitely not comparable to Jace that goes into any deck playing mana drain. But then again Jace is "THE" Planeswalker, Tezz 1 & 2 see play, I don't see why this guy wouldn't. Especially since he's the first 3ccm vintage relevant pwalker to be printed and fits well with pre existing strategies.

 on: Today at 07:49:57 AM 
Started by Lurker101 - Last post by Prospero
I've been waiting 20 years for Floral Spuzzem to make a decision:

Someone bring back Commandeer.

Paging TheAtogLord, paging TheAtogLord...

I've joked before with a good friend of mine about how I've always wanted to Donate a Sorrow's Path to my opponent and then tap it ten times with a Rishadan Port. Very Happy

I would gladly comp an entrance fee to a tournament to watch you try and set that up all day.

 on: Today at 07:28:23 AM 
Started by Saya - Last post by Templar
If I ever decide to revisit my old U/R Welder deck, I would run this guy as...maybe a two-of.  Otherwise, probably not so much.

 on: Today at 07:09:01 AM 
Started by ErtaiAdept - Last post by warr
Glad I was sick and couldn't make it there then.  I would have made 5 Dredge players (felt like the right call after studying the meta from the previous one).  Thought I would have taken people by surprise.

 on: Today at 07:00:07 AM 
Started by msg67183 - Last post by xouman
Merfolks gave me my first Vintage top, several years ago. into DSC was even more common than now, althought it was slower. I played waterfronts in the sideboard because of dreaded DSC.

batterskull can be a real trouble too. and of course golem, or hellkite. Dismember is great against them, but thada could make also a good addition (althought not being able to cast her in T2 is a pity).

Is stifle an option? At least it's often a bad time walk (you can stifle oath, vault, hellkite, stf, bazaar), and you can help the mana denial plan cutting fetches, specially T1 where you only have cursecatcher. I agree that it's easy to avoid stifle, but it's not played lately and would be unexpected. Besides, if they play around it, they are losing tempo, and that's a good thing for merfolks.

Another card that could fit is mutavault. You never have too many merfolks in play :p

Merfolks is a great deck and you have developed a great guide, I hope it would help people decide to try it (to my pain, probably :p). Good job!

 on: Today at 03:18:24 AM 
Started by DubDub - Last post by serracollector
Necropotence should def be in the black build lol. I always wanted to make a mono green devotion personally based around aspect of hydra. There are so many creature that are great that cost gg and even that 4/5 for ggg   and primordial hydra i believe thats like ggggg  it would not be hard to have aspect of hydra pump any one creature to ten plus damage.

 on: Today at 01:31:55 AM 
Started by Lurker101 - Last post by Lurker101
I've joked before with a good friend of mine about how I've always wanted to Donate a Sorrow's Path to my opponent and then tap it ten times with a Rishadan Port. Very Happy
That would truly be living the dream.

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