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 on: Today at 06:19:04 PM 
Started by MTGFan - Last post by xouman
What I like about switching from blue to green is how MUD and Oath improve imho. They were probably the worse pairings but get better. However losing blue means losing defence against removal, specially mass removal (could be tragic to get a 3x1). It's probably a metagame call.

About stinkdrinker, I said I'd probably play 1-2. Not 4 because it's a card you want to see after some evasion guys, you don't want 2 of them and no other rogues in play.

 on: Today at 06:12:03 PM 
Started by brianpk80 - Last post by xouman
@vaughnbros: While braids effect is more powerful, Stoneshaker costs 1 less and could easily be more assymetrical. Braids kills moxen, but I suppose that's not needed (it's hard to survive on moxen mana, althought not impossible). The key is playing spells just in your turn, and force the opponent do the same.

@Guli: I pointed Stoneshaker because of mana confluence. Playing 8 cities does not mean have to pay each turn for them, but what would you do with this card in play? You are losing them, or paying life every turn, besides losing the opportunity to play mana in opponent's turn. Yes, very fringe play, but I can see 1 of this in my sideboard. In a moon deck, opponent would typically would leave W open for stp, UU for drain or BG to play decay, but this card makes them quite dependant on fow to get ride of magus/blood moon.

I mean, this card "forces" you to play spells and abilities (outside moxen mana) in your turn, but with 8 cities/4 ancient tomb also generates some life advantage. Not very impactful, but could be quite annoying. Nevertheless, I appreciate your answer and agree with you.

 on: Today at 04:46:31 PM 
Started by MaximumCDawg - Last post by xouman
Being a sorcery is what makes this card more fair, but I also think this is potentially very powerful. You don't even have to play LOTS of enchantments, cards like deep analysis, narcomoeba (right?) and, as said, reanimator targets.

 on: Today at 04:21:17 PM 
Started by oshkoshhaitsyosh - Last post by JPoJohnson
I think you probably want to splash green over black to make use of ancient grudge.
MOST DEFINETELY Library over academy ruins, Landstill is probably the deck that abuses library the most.
Fact and fiction is not want you want since you don't have Ywill to abuse it and you're not digging deep for anything in particular.
I'd def see at least one Fire and Ice in there.
If you want to capitilize on utility artefacts you can add a couple Trinket mages.
I'd consider mooving a reb to the side and adding a third misstep.
Ninja of the deep hour can be pretty cool with landstill and manlands.

Sb would like Pyroclasm, Viashino heretic, possibly pithing needle and as for UR dredge hate Ravenous trap is pretty awesome especially since your deck has no trouble protecting it and you already have wastelands/ strip to deal with bazaar, grafdigger's cage to stop what's in the grave, so ravenous trap to empty it seems pretty solid.

my 2 cents

I know the green splash use and had contemplated over that quite a bit. After speaking to several people that run URx Landstill, apparently black is the best splash at the moment with how much aggro as well as access to Yixlid Jailer which is apparently extremely hard to answer by Dredge as well as Toxic Deluge which wipes basically any matchup. My original build was URg with access to Tropical for the ancient, but am running 3 E.E. and think that it will be able to hopefully handle most artifacts (most are 3 or under that are played that I've seen) as well as Toxic Deluge for the big artifact threats like BSC.

I'm favouring Library over Academy Ruins at this point (especially on the draw) and your capslock pushes me over the edge to play the Library over the ruins at this point. Thanks (:

Fact and Fiction (as discussed a few posts back) was to help generate card advantage. If I dropped it, would you replace it with Fire//Ice? What is it about Fire//Ice that you love it so much? I've seen some great uses, but I never personally thought about it as an auto-include.

I've REALLY been on the fence about Trinket Mage. I've seen people utilize it extremely well. The fact that it can fetch either E.E. or Top in the game as well as Cage out of the side has made me really want to run it, but I'm thinking for the most part I wouldn't want to be dropping it T3 since that can be a pretty crucial turn against many decks (But it leaves the T2 open for Yixlid/E.E./Standstill/Mana Drain so at least it doesn't block that out. What would you take out for mage? It's just so hard to fit cards into this deck (at least it feels that way for me).

REB/Mental Misstep would definitely occur if the meta called for it.

I had Ninja of the Deep Hour in the deck for a little while. I've been jumping between running him and not running him. I completely agree, he's phenomenal! I'll continue testing with and without him.

1. Tested green splash and I feel the black is better at this point. I know both are strong
2. Library > Ruins
3. What makes you feel like Fire//Ice is an auto-include for the deck? I assume you recommend including it instead of Fact or Fiction (FoF was included for card advantage).
4. Trinket Mage seems really great, but I'm not sure how to cut cards to include it
5. Ninja of Deep Hour is great. I've played with and without and I like him.

Thanks for the thoughts! Definitely some great food for thought in there (:

 on: Today at 04:14:34 PM 
Started by Calvin240sx - Last post by Tammit67
I don't think there is a date you can pick that I wouldn't drop what I was doing to attend. See you there

 on: Today at 03:14:55 PM 
Started by MTGFan - Last post by MTGFan
@ the new rogue merfolk, we already had prickly boggart, which is essentially the same thing.  The only playable creatures that could block are revoker/bob, and I'd gladly trade a boggart for either of those if an opponent wants to block!

The new rogue is strictly better than any 1 drop rogue we already have. Unblocked is the best possible evasion, so he's better than Merfolk Spy. He's blue, so he pitches to FoW which makes him better than Prickly Boggart and the like.

He might be better than Stalker if your environment is removal-light.

I tried a BG shell, so I could run decays.  The U was nice for countering blowout cards (deluge), but misstep/thoughtseize/rogues with blackguard pump took care of the threats in hand already, missteps handled plow/bolt, and the manabase was MUCH smoother without killing me slowly.  I didn't have access to invisible stalker, but I used Silhana Ledgewalkers which were typically just as good.  Vintage lacks for flyers at the moment, so it was essentially the same card - and decay/liliana of the veil/dismember could clear the skies if needed.  Good equips were very tempting with fliers (blackguard, bitterblossom) and unblockables (Ledgewalker), but in the end, I cut them.  I also cut the bitterblossoms since the deck is stuffed with critters and a token maker was really unnecessary I found.

Here's what I had made so far:

// Lands
    4 [AVR] Cavern of Souls
    1  Forest (4a)
    5  Swamp
    4  Verdant Catacombs
    1  Strip Mine
    4  Bayou
    2  Wasteland

// Creatures
    4  Oona's Blackguard
    4  Earwig Squad
    4  Frogtosser Banneret
    4  Stinkdrinker Bandit
    3  Silhana Ledgewalker

// Spells
    4  Thoughtseize
    4 [RTR] Abrupt Decay
    2 [ISD] Liliana of the Veil
    1 [ARB] Maelstrom Pulse
    1  Mox Emerald
    1  Mox Jet
    1  Black Lotus
    3  Null Rod
    3 [NPH] Mental Misstep

// Sideboard
SB: 1 [ARB] Maelstrom Pulse
SB: 1  Null Rod
SB: 4 [M11] Leyline of the Void
SB: 1  Emissary of Despair
SB: 1  Pithing Needle
SB: 1  Perish
SB: 2  Dystopia
SB: 4 [DKA] Grafdigger's Cage

Some card choices...

No demonic or vampiric.  I had them both in, but really, what is this deck looking for?  Tutoring for earwig means you aren't dropping a critter with that mana or casting disruption.  You have 4 decay and a pulse to remove problems G1, and 2 liliana to handle tinkerbots and other troublesome critters, so you will draw answers instead of tutoring for them.  The only target there really is would be null rod, and clogging the deck with 2 tutors for a virtual 5 null rods (which isn't THAT great vs many decks anyway) wasn't worth it.

Misstep, but no duress.  Seize grabs critters to clear a path and you play all your mana at sorcery speed anyway (or are holding BG for decay), so missteps got the nod.  They handle any great 1cc when on the draw or when the opponent luck-sack topdecks it anyway.  Key, ancestral, plow, bolt, delver are the cards this deck hates to see anyway.  You're often tapped out each turn anyway, so you need a free answer spell.

Stinkdrinker Bandit.  Holy nutsack, why is nobody talking about this guy???  With flying critters, unblockable critters, hasty critters, and gigantic critters, a +2/+1 for EVERYTHING unblocked is stupid good.  Ive had turns where my opponent attacked me (counting the damage I had on board), then dropped this guy in of a cavern (not prowl) and added 6-8 to my attack FTW!  Even off a turn 1 frogtosser, this guy prowls in really cheaply and is an unholy strength for your whole deck.  Drop 2, and you can win fast with only a couple evasive guys.  A single ledgewalker beats like a juggernaut when prowling 2 of these guys in.

No nemesis/shardless agent  Obviously, I need blue for these guys - but one reason I cut down to BG was because I didn't see their need so much.  With stinkdrinkers pumping silhanas and fliers, they ALL became 3/x attackers.  With removal (esp liliana), there wasn't so much concern over immortal blockers.  Shardless was terrible flipping into a misstep/decay (with no target)/frogtosser/duplicate null rod/moxen with an active rod, and is an overcosted 2/2 with no evasion anyway. 

No card draw.  I like Edric, but there's just so much redundancy here that you rarely need refills (esp since caverns makes your stuff resolve).  I would consider necropotence as it is an awesome refiller and can then be decayed to get back your draw step.  I also considered jitte or SoFI if I did want to add more draw/utility (but rod hurts that).  Yawg will is too slow in this deck with no rituals.

Of all of these, I think the best add is necropotence (which may necessitate Vamp/DT again), but what to cut?

This deck isn't too bad against shops, despite the lack of direct artifact hate.  It is fast and frogtossers are antispheres.  Caverns ignore chalice.  You can often race their clock with stinkdrinkers, and a 3 mana 5/3 is really good vs golems.  Emissary in the board is an extra fast clock vs shops, and the 3 (4th in board) rod smacks metalworker builds (as well as really hurts storm and bomberman)  You get a bit more punch vs oath with decay over main cages, and earwig is also brutal vs oath, but you get to clear blockers with decay which grafdigger can't help.


Nice list... It's like suicide black with rogues now. Blue less is definitely worth investigating because Abrupt Decay and natures claim are very good. But right now I'm predisposed to UB because ARecall and FoW and TNN and Thada Adel are just so good for me in testing.

 on: Today at 03:09:12 PM 
Started by MTGFan - Last post by MTGFan
it seems the 5cc mana base is pretty flawed i agree especially when you start adding bitterblossoms and thoughtseizes to the mix...

I still think you definitely need more than UB colors.
BUG seems nice since it gives you nice rogues (edric + shardless agent, the only ones that will give you card advantage) and nice removal (nature's claim + Abrupt decay). Also the Edric + oona's blackguard + bitterblossom triangle seems pretty strong, at least in a vacuum anyway.

Blackguard, Thada Adel, Notion Thief all give card advantage as well, and Invisible Stalker and TNN virtual card advantage by blanking removal.

 on: Today at 02:54:42 PM 
Started by MaximumCDawg - Last post by MTGFan
People are under rating this card. What if they printed:

2U Mystical Drawings Sorcery
Look at the top 6 cards of your library and put 3 of them into your hand.

That spell would be absolutely BROKEN. Kruphixs Insight is this same spell, just green and requires you to play at least 26-28 or so enchantments to make it reliably draw 2-3 cards.

What makes this so good is the scry 6 ability. This is superior to Impulse AND it draws 3. Six cards is 10% of your deck!

As it is, I think it's better in Legacy where I think it could form the backbone of several decks, but the power level is clearly on par with current Vintage staples.

 on: Today at 02:51:42 PM 
Started by TheWhiteDragon - Last post by TheWhiteDragon
The other thing to consider is that 1) urborg makes depths/tombs tap for mana pain free, so they aren't wasted, and 2) hexmage is a HOUSE vs aggro and planeswalkers.  Demonic and vampiric are more speed than necessary, but null rod effects turn off map - which means you are now a pure shop deck with a rare "oops, I win" combo.  The tutors dodge rod, and the 4 of each land + 4 hemage mean you just straight up draw your combo more often than not.  Mishra's factory is also great at killing opposing golems, beating most aggro with crucible, slipping under a standstill, and adding to a weenie-beats clock (sometimes factory/hex can go the distance alone with wastes, spheres, and tangles blocking your opponent).

 on: Today at 02:45:39 PM 
Started by LotusHead - Last post by nedleeds
Maybe if it was unblockable. I think I'd rather play Shadowmage Infiltrator and that's saying something. I'd also rather play Nightveil Specter.

Hey you could always build a Vintage deck around this fine knight

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