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posted in TheManaDrain Metadiscussion

Maybe there’s a way to block Japanese characters or something like that.

posted in Single-Card Discussion

Yeah not that great. You have to use Manamorphose to do anything with it and you might as well just play Baral at that point. Plus this is kind of expensive to really get into using it the turn it enters the battlefield. There’s Empty the Warrens, Grapeshot, Magmatic Insight, Pyromancers Ascension, and a handful of the newer Izzet combo cards.

That said, Talrand and Meloku used to be played and so it fulfills a similar function. There’s a chance it could see play for that reason other than fringe combo potential.

Also worth considering is that Mantis Rider is pretty relevant to the Vintage metagame and sees no play most likely because of the tricolor mana cost. There aren’t any played tricolor cards that I’m aware of, besides Oath, Tinker, and Dread Return targets.


And Leo

posted in Vintage Tournaments

Can the coding be updated so that the latest results can compile?

posted in Dredge

Why is Hollow One bad? Hollow One contributes very little when there is no hate, and when there is hate he almost never gets the job done.

Before I played in the Challenge on the 8th, I was toying around with cutting Hollow One.

Hollow One is interesting. The pros are obvious. It's a free 4/4 body, and unbelievable in multiples. It's also great in the Leyline subgame.

But I also agree with the point that he rarely is going to win a game by himself without either 1) disruption 2) countermagic, or 3) additional offensive action. And he can massively backfire when playing against Dack.

But I think the under appreciate cost to Hollow One is that does nothing outside of your opening hand. When you are dredging, hitting Hollow One feels really bad. Disruption like Force of Will, Misstep, Unmask, Force of Negation, Force of Vigor also take up the same deck space, but they all directly contribute to the win much more forcefully and immediately than Hollow One attacking for 5 straight turns. that's because they counter the opponent's attempts to stop you or their main game plan.

I've not yet been courageous enough to cut Hollow One - mainly because I feel like I want it against Eldrazi, non-Dack Planesewalkers, and the Leyline mirror, but it's something on my list of things I want to test.

Re: Tabernacle

Three countertactics for dealing with it:

a) run max Ichorids. All you need is 7 Ichorid activations unmolested to win with it through Tabernacle

b) run a single Dakmore Salvage or Riftstone Portal. This can allow you to keep an Amalgam around, and attack with an Ichorid for the win

c) Run Dread Return package, and play Ashen Rider to blow up Ichorid or win hastily with Kologhan, etc.

posted in Decks

nice report, and cool deck. Collectors Ouphe is a long term boon to this archetype. i like the directions here, but I'm not surprised at some of the findings.

posted in Single-Card Discussion

This card is nuts because you can sac spirits to generate mana. It's a mana engine. Gush, Probe, Mox, Manamorphose -> generate RRRR for free

posted in Vintage Tournaments

Ugggg......Halloween again......

Such a crappy choice for those of us with toddlers.

posted in Vintage News

Great show, as usual! The number of powerful and interesting cards in Modern Horizons is staggering.

One small note: In the introduction to Hogaak, Kevin correctly states the casting cost of 5 B/G B/G, but then when he's evaluating the card he incorrectly identifies that you need creatures that are "....either black or red."

This errors leads you to the response that it's difficult to cast in Survival builds, because of the restrictive red requirement.

However, because it's black or green, I think the cards is much better in Survival than was evaluated in the podcast.

posted in Vintage Tournaments

@k0dy Hey, has this been updated lately?

posted in Vintage News

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian review Modern Horizons for Vintage.

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0:01:00: Announcements: The London Mulligan Adopted
0:25:50: Modern Horizons Mechanics
0:27:20: Collector’s Ouphe
0:42:44: Goblin Engineer
0:46:10: Urza, Lord High Artificer
0:55:51: Force of Negation
1:08:06: Shenanigans
1:14:18: Force of Vigor
1:26:30: Force of Despair
1:31:00: Mirrodin Besieged
1:37:10: Planebound Accomplice
1:42:42: Seasoned Pyromancer
1:44:50: Echo of Eons
1:52:03: Cabal Therapist
1:54:59: Bazaar Trademage
1:59:49: Scrapyard Recombiner
2:03:47: Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis
2:09:39: Wrenn and Six
2:23:36: Archmage’s Charm
2:25:06: Mox Tantalite
2:27:24: Horizon Lands
2:33:14: Prismatic Vista
Total runtime: 2:55:05
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