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Is there any place where they’ve announced the winners and decks?

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Mana crypt was printed around late 1995 I think, I can’t remember if it was legal or not, but there were plenty of decks that could use it.

MirrorU decks could have considered 1-2, as they often needed to damage themselves for the mirror kill.

Some zoo decks ran ernham, serendibs, and serras, so they could have considered it.

Mono-artifact was pretty rare, at least in the tournaments I went to, but it might have worked well.

As I mentioned before, I did see it in some pretty fast Atog decks (cursed scroll, vice, bolts, factories, etc), but that wasn’t till 1996?

Academy decks were extremely fast and likely would have preferred some extra mana.

Tinker and Welder were popular decks, albeit much later.

I’m not saying it was optimal, but maybe just overlooked because people evaluated cards differently then?

I think if we replayed Vintage these days (free plug: we would find that it was way more playable than we thought.

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So is there three champions this year?

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@blindtherapy The About Me on this profile is hilarious

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I wish they would have made something up as a placeholder then. I'm not a "sky is falling" kind of guy, but the last 2-3 years of Wizard's decisions, certainly has me very worried.

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@joshuabrooks Because they don't know the names of the "real" versions. WOTC is still very much speaking in terms of "we could" do this or that, but they have no solid plans to do so.

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@benjamin_berry said in The Walking Dead Secret Lair to be Unique Cards:

Looks like their solution is to use Oracle to retcon the names of the cards

Won’t that mean that players who own The Walking Dead cards can now play both versions in their deck?

No, it does not. The cards, in Oracle, would identify that they represent the same card and would be treated by deck building rules as if they were the same. Think of them as functioning identically to the Godzilla skins..

So why not print them identically to Godzilla skins 🙂

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I don't think you can put these names on future printings probably, since they are trademarked. Which makes it harder.

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So I was just talking to a friend today and we were reminiscing about the early days of Tolarian Academy (not pleasant of course for anyone playing at the time), but for some reason early versions of the deck didn't include Mana Crypt, even though it was a 95+% turn 1 kill deck and seemingly would have been improved.

It got me to thinking, so I went through some old decklists from the late 90s and couldn't find any that featured Mana Crypt. The only one I could find was a speed-kill Atog deck (Vise, Atog, Factories, Crypts, Bolts, Psi Blast), but even that only had three crypts.

I'm pretty sure it was legal at the time (when was it printed?), but wasn't restricted until 10/99, 9 months after Academy (1/99).

This card seems like a no-brainer for at least the MirrorU decks of the time, as I am pretty sure the meta at the time of Saga was mostly Zoo-Necro-Mirror-WW, Burn.

Anyone have insight as to why Crypt was such a slow burn?

My only guess is that mono-red kept it in check for that long. Back then, the first deck you tested against was 4-turn mono red. You had to have a sligh plan.

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@evouga You described my concern with this change very clearly. It's highly disturbing that they're willing to print mechanically unique cards in this way.