Vintage Challenge 2nd Place with Jeskai Lavinia Paradoxical Outcome

R1: No Show 💙
R2: Storm PO 💙💔 💙
R3: Karn Shops 💔💔
R4: Dredge 💔💙💙
R5: Oath 💙💔💙
R6: Dredge 💔💙💙
Top8: Jeskai 💙💙
Top4: RUG Wrenn 💙💔💙
Finals: Karn Shops 💔💙💔

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Hello fellow Vintage enthusiasts!

The playlist for our region's Vintage Challenge for last quarter (4 of the Swiss rounds have commentated coverage) can now be found at:

We hold a Vintage Challenge in South Australia once every 3 months so we have coverage from the previous tournaments, and also upcoming events are uploaded every quarter (if interested, you can subscribe to the channel and receive an update the moment our next Vintage coverage goes online).

Looking forward to continuing to contribute to the Vintage community and thanks for all the positive feedback 🙂 Enjoy! Kind Rgds, S.

There will be a streak of Eternal events that includes the only EU Legacy GP if anyone fancies spending some time over here.
4 Seasons Fall, 23th-24th Nov, Bologna, with both Eternal formats
Magicfest Bologna, 29th-1st Dec, the only Legacy GP in EU
Nebraska's War, 5th-8th Dec Lucca, with both Eternal formats

Bologna's got an international airport easy to fly to and takes 1h and half of high speed train to reach Venice in case one wants to visit it while using Bologna as base during the first week. Then 30mins by train to the south there is Florence that one has to go through and can visit for a couple of days on his way to Lucca. Close to the latter there is Pisa with int airport to fly back home.

If coming only for one week the best combination in terms of Magic, tourism and time/money saving is GP+Nebraska, visiting Florence in the meantime. I'm a local and usually friends come for Nebraska's War from overseas (Joe Brennan, Dan Miller, etc.) so I can provide information and lodging in Florence, do not hesitate to ask.

  • S

    Cycling is good because it can get you to great cards faster, and because it can trigger more dredges, faster.

    But cycling is also bad because cards that cycle do basically in the graveyard. And you need there to be a high density of cards that do great things from the graveyard, like Ichorid, Amalgam, Bridge, Cabal Therapy, Bloodghast, Dread Return, and Hogaak.

    Cycling cards can do the former, but crowd out the latter.

    In dredge, roughly 1/3 of the deck should be disruption, 1/3 should be reanimation (including self-reanimation) and/or offense, and 1/3 should be the dredging package (Bazaar, Serum Powder, and Dredgers).

    So, for example, in my list from the Vintage playoff here, the breakdown is:

    21 disruption
    19 Reanimation/Offense
    20 dredging package

    Cycling basically fits into the dredging package, usually on the assumption that you can get to disruption faster as well, but it really hollows out your reanimation suite.

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  • I'd love to play in one of these, but as someone who lives about a 3 hour drive away a 6pm start is at least a couple hours too late. I learned about this event last year from Robert but the drive for an Indy area player is just too much.

    I'm guessing you guys gets a lot of people wanting to play both trials, but is it possible to do them on different days? Like a Saturday/Sunday or even Saturday/ following Saturday? Seems like you could pull people from Chicago/Indy/Detroit a little easier that way, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

    In any case I hope you have a great turnout.

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  • D

    If I still lived in the area, I'd go.

    Ah, memories...

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  • Your life is short.

    Too short to spend it doing something that brings you suffering.

    There are many games and many hobbies and many communities.

    People use Magic cards to play many different formats. Some people create their own formats. Many people prefer other formats to Vintage, or have no interest in Magic at all.

    Playing Vintage is optional. Participating in the Vintage community is optional. Posting on TMD is optional.

    You can disagree with someone without making fun of them. Or antagonizing them. Or invalidating their subjective experience.

    You can make a good faith effort to understand why someone may not come to the same conclusions as you, and you can decide to engage them on those terms or decide not to engage them at all.

    There are places on the internet where you can talk to people who are actually involved in the vintage banned and restricted process.

    There are places on the internet where your well thought-out arguments and clever retorts won't get deleted.

    Please try and have a nice day. You only get so many of them.

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