Vintage Challenge 2nd Place with Jeskai Lavinia Paradoxical Outcome

R1: No Show 💙
R2: Storm PO 💙💔 💙
R3: Karn Shops 💔💔
R4: Dredge 💔💙💙
R5: Oath 💙💔💙
R6: Dredge 💔💙💙
Top8: Jeskai 💙💙
Top4: RUG Wrenn 💙💔💙
Finals: Karn Shops 💔💙💔

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Hello fellow Vintage enthusiasts!

The playlist for our region's Vintage Challenge for last quarter (4 of the Swiss rounds have commentated coverage) can now be found at:

We hold a Vintage Challenge in South Australia once every 3 months so we have coverage from the previous tournaments, and also upcoming events are uploaded every quarter (if interested, you can subscribe to the channel and receive an update the moment our next Vintage coverage goes online).

Looking forward to continuing to contribute to the Vintage community and thanks for all the positive feedback 🙂 Enjoy! Kind Rgds, S.

  • The coverage will start at 10am EST, and be up on my channel, . If you can't attend the event, we hope to see you watching 🙂

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  • I have serious fomo about missing this, but can't wait to see results. Hope everyone attending has an awesome time!

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  • Game Time Indy hosts unlimited proxy vintage, generally on the last Saturday of each month. We will be playing on Saturday the 27th of July.

    Come join us on July 27 at 1:00 pm.

    Contact information:
    Game Time Indy
    8244 Center Run Dr.
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Here's their website: Unfortunately, their event calendar on the site is not working.

    Some games will be streamed on and the stream will also be available later on the gametimeindy youtube channel.

    We want to post decklists so please prepare a list to bring with you. You can print a form from this official DCI form and fill it in by hand with a pen, but for anyone with a little more ambition (or not such good handwriting:) ) you can use to generate a listing or you can use this fillable, DCI-compatible PDF. Use whatever works for you, but please see if you can help out by bringing a decklist.


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  • @macdeath said in [MH1] Echo of Eons:

    Why would you want to play this card over the plethora of alternatives that are all more broken and more practical?
    What does this card enable that you couldn't do before that is better than what the current combo decks are doing?
    I have a hard time buying that you end up ahead vs a control deck by putting 6 mana into this card (which can be pyroblasted or flusterstormed) to get it countered and recasting it on the following turn. Or even that this is a frequent enough occurrence to be reliable.

    I tried to cover that but allow me to expand on the point more. Cards that have abilities from graveyards or from being discarded turn a negative into a positive and have the potential for considerable abuse. The Dredge mechanic, Hogaak, Arclight Phoenix, Vengevine, Cabal Therapy... there are so many examples from Vintage and other formats, past and present. It is the same quality that makes Echo contextually better than Timetwister and every other Draw 7.

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