• Timetwister is legal in EDH, it's worth more than ancestral 😀 .

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  • @john-cox said in Will there be paper Vintage?:

    I don't see paper vintage happening again unless there a lot of proxies. Even Bazaars are worth a few K these days.

    I find it hard to believe that events are going to have prize pools worth of value for people to put 50ks worth of cards on the table. Maybe if WOTC supported the format and held large and protected events (with security for players cards) then it would happen on a small scale.

    I see this affecting all eternal formats. Legacy is still within reason for vested players and still has some budget decks for people to table, but if the duals, cradle, Diamond, and LED continue moving up then that format is going to die off worse than it has been. Honestly I think EDH may also have this problem long term because people want to play powerful cards there and not always be budget.

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  • L

    Part 3 and 4 dropped earlier this week. Highly recommend giving it a listen. Alpha is such an amazing set

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  • S

    I think this cards biggest potential isn't a vanilla 8/8 for UU, its the fact you can make any other creature into an 8/8. This and 2 tokens and 2 cantrips is 24 damage. Turning every instant/sorcery into an 8/8 threat (if you have the creatures ofc), seems very very strong. Even eot Snappy or turning a man land into an 8/8 for 1-2 mana is insane value.

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