For episode 44, Geoff Moes (@ThallidTosser on Twitter), Nat Moes (@GrandpaBelcher), and Josh Chapple (@joshchapple) join David P. Baum, longtime owner of a card and comic book store in Northern Ohio. He doesn’t have a personal Twitter account, but (Pop! the store has one, as well as a Facebook page and Discord, if you’re interested.

Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
02:29 – Dave Discovers the Magic
17:39 – The First “Grand Prix” and SandCon
32:18 – Origins 1995
Total runtime – 45:39

As just a taste of the content, here's one of the first things we talk about: Dave gets his first boxes of Unlimited from a sports card dealer and sells them at a little sports card convention without knowing what they are. He opens some starters and “auctions” some singles, including Demonic Tutor. Did he sell a Black Lotus?

  • @peterflugzeug thats the best card of the set, tbh

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  • This guy wont hit the red-zone until, maybe, turn 4-5. Needs good cards to be in yard first, then Delved, then attack to get them back...Not good enough.

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  • S

    Yeah, first thing that came to mind. Seems brutal.

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  • @serracollector said in [IKO] Drannith Magistrate:

    Soooo.....this is a lock with Uba Mask?

    Yes, and that might actually be something that isn't too hard to set up. Good catch.

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